COMPASS for IVY Tech Community College

Significance of COMPASS for IVY Tech Admissions/Placement

The COMPASS is an examination that is taken by students and the result of the same will allow them the opportunity to select appropriate courses in IVY Tech Community College. By taking this test, candidates can start with the registration process for the classes. There are three sections here and no restriction on time for answering the questions.

Overview of COMPASS

  • Reading: There are five categories of reading comprehension passages including social sciences, practical reading, prose section, humanities and natural sciences. The test takers have to answer multiple choice questions. The passages that are provided are to be read properly before answering the questions. The Reading Diagnostic Section is also to be tackled by the students and the questions are based on Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Reader Profile.

  • Writing: In the Writing Section, candidates are supposed to locate the errors that are present in an essay. Once the errors are identified, the examinees have to move the cursor on the error and right click on the mouse. On doing this, a few options will be shown on the screen, out of which the first one is exactly similar to the word that is present in the essay, and referred to as the “No Change” option. As a matter of fact, the test takers must peruse the passage a number of times before choosing the appropriate answer from the provided options.

  • Mathematics: The Mathematics section is vital and measures the skills of the students based on three major areas including:
    1. Basic Skills
    2. Analysis Skills
    3. Application Skills

The test takers are allowed to use calculators while answering the mathematics section. An online calculator is also provided. However, a scientific calculator is also provided by the people in Lafayette Assessment Center. According to the tenets of mathematics that are tested in this section, the candidates have to focus on fractions, decimals, percentage, factoring, linear and polynomial equations.

Importance of the COMPASS 

While the basic reason for taking this exam is to gain admission in a suitable course in the college, the significance of this test goes much beyond that. The following points will sum up the importance of the IVY Tech COMPASS Test:

  • The test is like a precursor for the students as far as choosing their preferred courses is concerned. Unless they perform well here, they will not be able to enrol for the college program that they have in mind.

  • The examination intends to assess the skills and abilities of the students through the subjects covered in it. Each candidate needs to have sufficient grasp of these subjects to score well in them.

  • The test evaluates how ready a candidate is for college.

  • Low scores in the test indicate that a student will only get an opportunity to be placed in basic courses as far as admissions or placement is concerned and it may take more time before a student is able to choose a degree of his/her choice. In other words, it will take more time for a candidate to obtain a degree than it would have been otherwise.

  • Taking the COMPASS Test with sufficient preparation will ease the admission and placement procedures to a large extent only if the scores are suitable.

  • By taking the exam, the students are able to establish that they are fully prepared to join the classes that they prefer as there is no system for pass or fail in this test.


Students should be aware of all the information that is required for taking this test including the hours of testing. The Assessment Center at Lafayette and the instructional centers of Crawfordsville and Monticello offers this test and the students should try to find out the testing schedule before fixing an appointment for a test date.

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