COMPASS Study Guides for IVY Tech

The Best Study Guides for IVY Tech COMPASS

The COMPASS is administered to those candidates who wish to pursue their education in the IVY Tech Community College. The test is different from others as no time restriction is imposed on the test takers and they are allowed to spend as much time as possible while answering the questions of each section of this test. However, it has been noted that the average time required for the completion of this test is around 2 hours.

More on the COMPASS

For taking this examination, candidates have to answer the following sections:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as Second Language or ESL

The primary objective of taking this test is to select a suitable course in this educational institution. However, each aspirant of COMPASS should look for a good guide to prepare for the exam effectively and also to obtain good scores. While there are many prep options available, one should be able to select the best materials consisting of updated contents and sample question papers of yesteryears. As a matter of fact, a good book will be able to provide the best assistance to all those students who are preparing themselves for this test.

Study Guides for the COMPASS

Read the following points to learn more about the study guides for this test:

  • The sample questions are available at and presented in PDF format. This document is extremely useful for improving one's skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

  • There is another online resource that offers practice tests on Reading and Writing. By referring to this link, one will be able to effectively prepare for the COMPASS.

  • The COMPASS Exams Secret Study Guide: COMPASS Test Review for the Computer Adaptive Placement Assistance is recommended if you are looking for a good prep book. It has been prepared by a group of coveted authors to help the test takers learn the tricks and tips for taking this test and also includes practice questions.

  • For the test on Writing Skills, the students can log on to or for help.

While the study guides that have been mentioned above are recommended while preparing for the exam, the following points will include some of the best study materials for the Mathematics section:

  • The online resource provides interactive Arithmetic lessons for students. There are thousands of Math lessons that can be practiced in Windows format on this link.

  • The website offers comprehensive guidance to the students not only for learning the lessons of Mathematics that are tested in COMPASS, but also focuses on the strategies for answering the questions.

  • Those students who are keen to master their skills of Mathematics should log on to, which is a free study guide and includes lessons on Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Practice Tests.

  • For an accomplished prep course on Mathematics, you can click on this link

Taking the COMPASS is not a nerve wracking experience for those candidates who are able to prepare sufficiently with the help of proper online study materials. In fact, the online tests are recommended for candidates as these are considered as the best medium of preparation from home within flexible timings.