COMPASS Test Preparation

5 Things to Beware of for Successful COMPASS Prep

The COMPASS is an assessment test for all those students who are keen to pursue their education in college or university. The following subjects are tested here:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language or ESL

There are several modes or methods of preparation that can be chosen by the students and the decision should be largely based on the individual skills and abilities. While it is true that each aspirant of the test should resort to a specific mode of preparation, some students might be able to perform well without comprehensive preparation because their level of knowledge is better than an average student's.

Different people have different ways to study for the exam and a method that works for one may not necessarily work for the other. However, it is important for  students to have a disciplined or methodical approach when it comes to studying for this examination. Hence, before moving ahead with your test prep, we will discuss 5 issues that students must be cautious of :

  • The COMPASS test is conducted at various times of the year and candidates must note the dates and timings of the exam from the website of the institution in which the test is being delivered; or complete the formalities for remote testing network, incase they are opting for the internet version of the test.
  • Test takers should pay more attention to the quality of the study materials before signing up for a course. The credibility of the course is to be judged in order to make the most of it.

  • There are five sections of COMPASS, consisting of Diagnostic and Placement Tests. Candidates should try to understand each section of the test in details and the type of questions that are asked in both categories of tests.

  • The exam does not have a time limit and test takers are allowed to spend as much time as they need for each section of the test and focus on each section in greater detail. Therefore, the preparation of each student should be based on the subjects that they intend to study rather than the procedure of the test.

  • The COMPASS is a computer-adaptive test and students are advised to take regular mock tests throughout their preparation period in order to track the progress of studies and also for scoring high in it.

How one prepares for the examination will determine how well one can perform in the same. When the scores obtained are high, a candidate is in a better position to choose his/her preferred courses in college. The following points should be kept in mind at the time of preparation:

  • The preparation must begin in advance so that each student is able to study effectively and feel confident on the final day of the test.

  • It is important to determine where the weaknesses and strengths of a candidate lie so that he/she can work on his/her weak areas and strengthen the strong areas. A student who is not yet confident about taking this test should opt for comprehensive test materials containing lessons and tests along with answer explanations.

  • It is good to focus on regular practice tests as the day of the final test approaches nearer. This will give the candidate a good idea about how well he/she is prepared for the exam.

  • Students should analyze the sample questions of the test in order to get an idea about the questions that are usually asked.

The COMPASS offers the best opportunity for students for pursuing their college education in a subject of their choice. However, they should follow effective methods of preparation for taking the test successfully.