Preparing for COMPASS

Official Sources for COMPASS Test Prep

The COMPASS is an assessment examination that allows the students to prove their skills on the subjects that are tested. The various sections of this exam consist of the following:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

There is no restriction on time for this test. 

Method of Studying for the Test

For those students who want to know how they can effectively study for the exam, there are certain norms that must be followed by them and these are as follows:

  • One of the most important aspects of good preparation is to understand the sections of the test before choosing the prep material. Thereafter, the content of these materials should be examined properly for making the right choice.

  • Students who expect to score well often wonder what the best way to study for the COMPASS is but there is no single and successful method of preparation that suits the requirement of each student. The choice will largely depend on individual skills and the ability to grasp the contents of the prep materials.

  • Focusing on the strengths and weaknesses will help the students to understand the best method they can use for their test prep. In other words, candidates should learn to track their progress while they are studying for the exam.

  • Candidates should try to analyze the sample questions that are available for this test during their preparation as this will allow them to have a fair idea about the questions that can be expected in this test.

  • The prep materials should consist of contents equipped with practice tests so that these can benefit every student who wishes to study for the exam effectively.

  • The online resources are good for those who want flexibility while preparing for the COMPASS. Opting for online sources will help the students in a big way as they will be able to find details about each of the sections well and study for the same properly.

  • Self study is very important for your test preparation.

Official Sources of Preparation

The scores of this test are provided immediately after the test and students can discuss them with the advisor for choosing the appropriate courses in those colleges where they want to study. There are many sources that you can use to help you with your preparation and some of the tips from the official sources include the following:


Besides the official sources of test prep that are mentioned above, the students can also use the test prep materials that are offered by the private agencies. However, the best way to learn how to prepare for COMPASS test is to compare and analyze the official and private mode of preparation. In fact, the students should try to combine the best of both the resources for a successful performance in the COMPASS test.