The COMPASS Test Under Gwinnett Tech College

Your Guide to Gwinnett Tech COMPASS Test

The COMPASS test is given to the incoming freshmen during the orientation program. This is a computer adaptive test and its scores reflect your ability and knowledge in five subject areas. Based on the scores in this test, you will be advised by the educators on the college level courses you can opt for.

The subjects tested in this exam are:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing Skills
  3. Writing Essay
  4. Math
  5. English as a Second Language

Gwinnett Tech COMPASS Test

The Assessment center of the Gwinnett Technical College administers COMPASS. The dates for the test can be viewed at It must be remembered that students can take this test only as per the schedule given in the website.

 The fees for taking the COMPASS test of Gwinnett Tech College is $20. However, the students can take up the test at this center even if they would like to apply to other colleges. In such cases, the scores will be sent to the colleges specified by the students.

Only one retake of the test per section is allowed and the retest can be taken only after thirty days of the first attempt. The cost of the retest is $25 per section.

Importance of COMPASS test

If you are applying for an associate's degree, diploma or certificate program, you must take up the COMPASS test of this college. However, if your SAT, ACT, CPE or ASSET scores are less than five years old and acceptable, then you will be exempted from taking the COMPASS test.

For the associate's degree program, the minimum scores are:

  • Pre-Algebra- 37
  • Algebra- 37
  • Reading- 79
  • Writing- 62

For the certificate and diploma programs, the minimum scores are:

  • Pre-Algebra- 37
  • Reading- 70
  • Writing- 38

A minimum score of 29 in elementary algebra may be required for some certificate and diploma programs.

Learning Support

The Gwinnett Tech College offers certain courses to improve your COMPASS scores because they believe that a student's success is their first goal.

Learning Support Classes

The Learning Support Classes are one of the most comprehensive learning tools offered by the Gwinnett Tech for the students. This support program is offered through the arts and sciences program. This resource prepares students for college level math and English. If you begin training for this test from the Learning Support Track, then you will be permitted to take up the test only with an instructor's referral.

Accelerated Learning

This is a course in a condensed form that will help you improve your COMPASS scores. Fundamental skills in reading, writing, algebra and pre-algebra will be covered in this course. The classes will comprise of lectures and in-class activities. One-on-one and small group support is offered by tutors. All these will definitely increase your test scores. You can only register for two Accelerated Learning Courses within the same session. The fee for one AL course is $25. The website gives all the details about this AL center.

Learning Success Center

The Learning Success Center (LSC) is another learning resource available to prepare for this test. This resource is available free of cost for Gwinnett Tech students. Math and English tutors are available during working hours. A staff member will guide the students in identifying the right resources to prepare for the test.

Apart from these courses, resources that will help you refresh your math, reading and writing skills are also available at This is the website of the Gwinnett Tech College library. With the wise use of these resources, you can get good scores that will enable you to enroll in the course of your choice.


Gwinnett Tech's test is like any other COMPASS test with no passing score but different cutoff scores for different courses. However, the college offers many learning programs which can be used for improving your test score. It is best that you prepare well and get a good COMPASS score with which you can join the Gwinnett Tech College in the first attempt.