The COMPASS for the Georgia State University

How Important is COMPASS Test for Georgia State University?

The COMPASS test is an untimed, computer adaptive college placement test. This test is designed to test your knowledge, ability and skills in three important areas of academics: Math, Reading and English. You will be placed in either college-level courses or Learning Support courses, based on your scores in this test.

The COMPASS test is administered by the Georgia State University and the interested students can take the test in any one of their testing locations. This test is similar to other COMPASS tests offered by the other universities. Moreover, you can take the exam offered by Georgia State University even if you wish to apply to other colleges. Your scores will be sent to them through proper channel.

Importance of the COMPASS test

Georgia State University is a unit of the University System of Georgia and uses the COMPASS test to evaluate if you are prepared for college-level courses or not. Moreover, you will be allowed to register for college level courses only if you attain satisfactory scores in the three test sections. Otherwise, you have to register for remedial courses only. Due to this method of screening, early intervention is possible to help students get good grades in academics.

Registration Process

  • For Regular Students

    You can register for the exam of Georgia State University by visiting this website: From the test schedule available on the page, you can choose a date and time for the COMPASS test. On the next page, all your details would have to be given and you would be able to make the payment. The  cost for this test is $28. Once the registration is complete, you will get an email confirmation. A printed copy of this confirmation mail must be brought to the test center.

  • For Non-traditional Students

    If you satisfy any one of the following conditions, then you will be considered as a non-traditional student:

    1. Graduated from high school at least 5 years earlier
    2. Hold a high school diploma from an accredited high school
    3. Have successfully completed the GED
    4. Have not attended college in the past five years
    5. Have earned fewer than 30 semester credit hours

    The fee for non-traditional students for attempting this exam is $28. At the same time, the minimum scores for admission into college-level courses are:

    • Algebra- 37
    • English- 60
    • Reading- 74

    After the receipt of your COMPASS scores, you will be contacted in writing about your admission status.

  • Transfer Students

    If you have completed 30 credit hours at another college, you can apply for admission in this university as a transfer student. If you apply as a transfer student, you need not take up the COMPASS test.

The Learning Support Program

The Learning Support Program is for students who have been admitted to the college but need remedial assistance in the areas of reading, writing or mathematics so that they are ready for the core college courses. After the completion of the course, the students are required to take the COMPASS test and score at least the minimum cutoff scores.

Disability Services

The Georgia State University has an Office of Disability Services (ODS) which provides services for students, staff and faculty with permanent disabilities. Therefore, if you have any disability, you can contact the ODS for assistance or any special accommodation while taking this assessment.

COMPASS Retesting

You can retake the COMPASS testing of Georgia if you have attained low scores. However, you can schedule your test only after 90 days after the first attempt. If you do not attain the minimum scores even after the second attempt, the University will reject your admission application as non-traditional applicant for five years.


The exam of Georgia State University is like any other COMPASS test with no passing score. However, different cutoff scores have been fixed for the different courses. Hence, it is suggested that you prepare well for the test and obtain above the cutoff scores. This will ensure that you get admission for the courses you are interested in. Moreover, you need not waste time and money in courses that do not add to your credits. Therefore, the COMPASS test is very important if you want to join the Georgia State University.