Official Study Guides For the English Section of COMPASS

Official COMPASS Reference Materials for COMPASS English

The COMPASS English test is an assessment exam that allows the students to pursue English courses in college. The scores of this test are analyzed and evaluated by the admission authorities of appropriate colleges so that better opportunities for career can be availed by the students while seeking a field of education that is suitable for a candidate. However, for achieving the desired target, it is important for a test taker to focus on appropriate study materials for English.

This test is only a measurement of the English skills of a candidate although it is essential for each test taker to consult good books to hone the skills in this language before he/she is able to achieve the scores that are required for studying the entry-level courses in the college.

The Sections of COMPASS English Test

As far as the test of English is concerned, the following sections are included in it:

  • Reading Skills: The Reading Placement Test consists of five comprehension passages that are based on Practical Reading, Prose Fiction, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. This test allows the students to study the entry-level or basic courses in college.

  • Writing Skills: The Writing Skills section of COMPASS test is meant to test the skills of writing of an individual on the basis of the scores that he/she has achieved in this test through an essay in which they are supposed to locate the errors. The test is further disintegrated into the following two areas on the basis of which the skills of a test taker are determined:

    1. In Usage/Mechanics, the questions are based on Basic Grammar and Usage, Punctuation and Sentence Structure.

    2. In Rhetorical Skills, the questions are related to Strategy, Organization and Style.

  • Essay Writing: In this section of  English test in which the test takers are presented with an English writing task and they are instructed to form their opinions based on that task, followed by supportive arguments. The arguments and opinions must be presented with lucid expressions so that those can be interpreted easily and are concentrated on the requirements of a specific section of the audience.

  • English as a Second Language: This is another section, which is meant to assess the skills of the language of non-native speakers through Listening, Reading and Grammar/Usage.

The Official Study Materials for COMPASS Test

Thus, English is one of the primary subjects of COMPASS test for which the choice of prep resources plays a very important role. The next set of points will sum up the official reference materials for English COMPASS test, which is an authentic mode of preparation for the COMPASS test:

Review of Books for COMPASS English Test

While the official resources provide access to the sample questions for taking this test, the test takers can also consult these books for similar purposes:

  • COMPASS Writing Test Success: This book by Academic Success media contains practice questions that are of utmost importance for the students taking COMPASS who are keen to pursue courses that are based on English writing skills.
  • COMPASS Reading Test Success: This is another book by Academic Success Media that must also be considered by the students for practice work on reading section of COMPASS.
  • COMPASS Exam Practice Questions: This book has been compiled by COMPASS Exam Secrets Prep Team and consists of everything that a student needs while preparing for this assessment test.

  The study materials for the English test offers a preview to the students who intend to take this test for pursuing their college studies by choosing those subjects that they wish to study. The study guides have been prepared keeping the best interest of the student for taking and achieving success in the COMPASS test.

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