Analysis of the Math Exam under CUNY and COMPASS

Everything you Need to Know about Cuny Math COMPASS

The COMPASS Math test for CUNY Colleges is administered for students in order to measure their skills and abilities in this subject. The following sections are included in this exam:

The Sections of Cuny COMPASS Exam for Mathematics

  • Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra: In this section, the students have to answer questions and demonstrate their skills on fundamental mathematical concepts such as integers, fractions and decimals. Along with this, there are questions that are related to the basic Algebra course including absolute values, exponents and percentages. The test takers have to prove their knowledge on all these topics in the first category of CUNY Math exam for COMPASS.

  • Algebra: This category consists of questions that are based on simple to medium level algebra that includes equations, polynomials, algebraic expressions and formula manipulations.

  • College Algebra: In the College Algebra section, the students are supposed to solve the questions that are based on functions, matrices, exponents and factorials.

  • Trigonometry: In the Trigonometry section, the students have to answer questions on trigonometric functions and identities, trigonometric graphs and right triangle trigonometry.

The students can get placement in the basic or entry level courses of CUNY according to the scores that they have obtained in Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra and Algebra. However, for advanced level mathematics courses, the scores of College Algebra and Trigonometry are included. The score requirement varies for different colleges and students should note them before taking the test.

The Math Scores for Different CUNY Colleges

The score requirements of few colleges of CUNY are provided in the following points:

CUNY COMPASS Math Test: What should you Remember?

Those students who are unable to attain the required scores in SAT 1 or Regents Exam are supposed to take this test in order to demonstrate their skills and proficiency in order to be placed in their preferred courses in the CUNYcolleges. However, the new students should take the Math COMPASS exam of CUNY for studying suitable courses in the affiliated colleges despite the skills that they might have in this subject. Only those students who have attained success in the Bachelor Degree programs or Higher Level accreditations are offered exemption from taking the exam. On the other hand, those students who have proved their skills of mathematics that are recommended by colleges as ESL candidates are also not required to take the assessment for CUNY.


Thus, CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics is significant as it allows the students to prove their skills in this subject in order to pursue the basic level or advanced courses that are available in the CUNY colleges. In order to obtain the required scores that are specified by the CUNY colleges, the students must take assistance of the practice tests that are available in mathematics and also check the sample questions that are available in this subject.

The test of Mathematics  offers an excellent opportunity to students for pursuing their favorite courses in mathematics although the score requirements differ from one college to another. Those students who are keen to take up basic or advanced level courses in this subject should also consider appropriate methods of preparation for taking this test. This will enable them to obtain the required scores and move ahead with their career plans of studying in a CUNY college.

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