Selection of a Book For the COMPASS Writing Section

5 Features of a Good COMPASS Writing Test Guide

The COMPASS is an untimed, multiple-choice, computer-adaptive college placement test. There are five sections in this test and these are Math, Reading, Writing Skills, Writing Essay and English as a Second Language. Of these, two are writing sections and small description of these two sections are given below:

The COMPASS Writing Skills Test

In this section, the students are required to identify and correct mistakes in the usage and mechanics of the English language which include basic grammar, punctuations and sentence structure and rhetorical skills that include strategy, organization and style in essays.

The COMPASS Writing Essay Test

This test is used for identifying the student's writing ability wherein, the students are required to respond to a question describing their position on the issue given in the prompt. The writing prompt states a problem or an issue and two points of views on that issue are described.

Preparation for the Test

It is very important that you prepare thoroughly for the COMPASS writing sections. The easiest way to prepare for the test is by using an appropriate study material There are many good study guides available in the market. However, before buying, ensure that the book satisfies the following conditions:

  1. Satisfies Your Requirements

    Each one of us would expect different things from a prep resource of COMPASS. Therefore, a good study guide for one may not be ideal for another student. In order to ensure this aspect, it is best that you write down your requirements and identify a study material that satisfies these requirements.

  2. Explanations

    A few prep resources give explanations for arriving at the correct answer. Hence, it is ideal to buy such a study guide. Moreover, when such explanations are given, you can understand the concepts better and perform well in the test.

  3. Practice Tests

    Practice tests play the most important role in your preparation. It is kindly advised that you buy books that contain at least 4 or 5 practice tests.

  4. Exam Tips

    Some of these books offer tips on ways to arrive at the answer in a simple but faster way. These tips prove to be very useful during the examination. Therefore, it is best that you buy a guide book for writing test that provides these tips.

  5. Cost

    Cost plays an important role when you plan to purchase a study guide. You must check if the book is worth the amount you are spending although it does not reflect the quality of the book.

Reviews of a Few Study Guides

  • Compass Writing Test Success: Compass Test Writing Practice Tests

    This Academic Success Media publication has 10 practice tests and has proved to be very helpful for students. This book helps in refreshing your skills in grammar, stylistics and punctuation and priced at $15.99. It is available at

  • COMPASS Exam Success: The Easy Breezy Guide to Help COMPASS Test Takers

    This book is a comprehensive study guide. The language used in it is simple and easy to understand. General strategies to ace the COMPASS test are also given. This book is priced at $29.99 and it is a paperback edition.

  • College Placement Test Study Guide: With Practice Questions and Solutions

    This prep material explains the format and types of questions asked in each of the sections of the test. Practice test questions with detailed explanations are the highlights of this book. The grammatical principles covered in the exam are illustrated in the sentence skills section of this book and ways to avoid common mistakes are also detailed in it. The cost of the book is $24.99


Some of the prep books for COMPASS have been reviewed here. However, there are more books available for this purpose and you can select the one that is ideal for you. and allow you to prepare well for this exam.

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