Use of the Scores of COMPASS

How do Colleges/Universities Use COMPASS Test Scores

The scores from a test indicate the preparedness of a student for continuing college education. Unlike other tests, the COMPASS is an assessment technique that allows the students to answer questions on certain topics without following any restriction of time. Moreover, there is no concept of pass or fail in this examination; the test taker has to obtain the minimum score that is required by the college or institution for allowing the student to continue studies in his/her preferred courses or subjects of choice.

The following subjects are tested in this exam:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as Secondary Language or ESL

Overview of COMPASS Scores

The scores from the test are used by colleges and universities for measuring the aptitude of the students in order to place them in relevant subjects or fields of education. As it has been already mentioned, there are no set passing marks for the test, the minimum required scores are different for every college/university. Thus, if a student intends to study a particular subject or course in a college or university, he/she has to find out the minimum score that is to be attained for studying that course. Usually, colleges and universities place the students under the system of Learning Support if they are unable to attain the minimum score in the test.

Therefore, with the help of the score report, it is not only possible for a student to track his/her progress but it also provides an opportunity to the universities to decide whether a particular student has the capacity for studying advanced level courses. On the other hand, if the test scores are low, it shows that a student will require carrying on with the courses of basic or elementary level. However, there is an option of taking the test again if a student is not satisfied with the scores of this test in the first attempt.

COMPASS Scores and Placement or Admission in Colleges/Universities

In order to study the preferred courses in a college or a university, a student has to talk to the counselor or advisor in order to find out the score requirements of that institution. The following points below will sum up the ways in which they determine the aptitude of the students for suitable placement in their institutions based on the test score report:


Thus, the scores from this test are not only considered as a criteria by colleges and universities for granting admissions or putting the students into suitable learning support before they are able to study advanced level courses in the subjects of their choice; rather it is also for the students to analyze their skills and abilities or deciphering their weaknesses. This is necessary for them to continue their studies with more vigor and efficacy in order to attain the desired scores in the retest.