When to Take the COMPASS

5 Factors on which COMPASS Date Selection Depends

The COMPASS is a computer-adaptive test that is administered for those students who want to pursue their college education and allow the institution to help them in choosing appropriate courses for continuing their education. However, it is not a timed test and the students are able to focus on each section of the test without worrying about the consequences of time. In short, each applicant is allowed to choose the responses or the correct answers in as much time as he/she would require for completing the test. However, it has been observed that the approximate time taken by the test takers is around 3-4 hours.

The Test Sections

The test includes the following sections:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as Second Language

Thus, the test measures the knowledge of English along with the skills of reading and writing. The Math section includes different levels of Algebra along with Geometry and Trigonometry. While the essay writing is a prompt task, the test of ESL is primarily meant for non-native speakers of English.

As far as the testing dates are concerned, the students can take this test according to their convenience as the tests are held on several dates. Moreover, the COMPASS test is not held on the same days in all the colleges that consider this tool as a criterion for admission. For taking the test on a suitable date, the students must complete the registration procedures by depositing the fee in the office of the cashier.

The Five Factors for Choosing Test Dates

While the official formalities for taking the test according to the testing dates must be completed by the students, the pre-requisites for choosing a testing date should also be kept in mind by the test takers. The following five factors for choosing the dates of COMPASS are listed below:

  • The COMPASS aspirants should concentrate on their levels of preparation before choosing a test date in those institutions that offer this exam.
  • Besides choosing the dates of this test, the students must also take practice or mock exams regularly for monitoring their progress in the subjects that are tested in the test.
  • The students must gauge their competence before choosing the date as it will allow them to obtain the scores that are specified by the institutions for choosing the courses or the subjects in the relevant college.
  • The test takers must keep in mind the testing center in which they intend to take the COMPASS exam and thereafter choose the date. This is important because they should have enough time in hand on the day of the test to reach the center at least an hour before the beginning of the test.
  • For choosing the dates of COMPASS test, the students must familiarize themselves with the sections of the test, pattern of questions, duration and the purpose of taking this test. Moreover, there are a few institutions that offer the COMPASS test on the basis of scheduled appointments and the students must check with the website of the relevant college before choosing the dates of COMPASS.

The Test Dates of COMPASS for Institutions

The COMPASS test is considered by several colleges as a tool of assessment thereby enabling the students to choose their preferred courses as part of their college education. In the next few points, the dates of COMPASS 2013 for some of these institutions can be noted by the students:

The COMPASS test is one of the most important assessment tests that allow the institutions to assist the students by allowing them to choose the courses that are based on English and Mathematics and obtaining good scores in this exam depends on the choice of the test date, to a large extent.

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