Best Ways to Study for the COMPASS

7 Things to Keep in Mind for COMPASS Study

The COMPASS offers an excellent opportunity for students as it intends to measure their aptitude for studying a particular course or subject in a college or university. However, this test is different than the conventional system of testing as it does not declare any passing scores. In short, the scores that are obtained by the students are a measure of their skills and determine whether they will have the opportunity to continue their education in those subjects that are preferred by them or not. At the same time, one of the most important things to keep in mind before anything else is that you need to prepare for this examination effectively.

7 Tips for Test Preparation

When it comes to preparing for the test, there are numerous sources from which the students try to get help from. While some students prefer to study through online prep modes, others may choose books or free study material for prep that is available in the market. The following points will sum up the things that are to be kept in mind at the time of preparation:

  • The modes of preparation must be chosen carefully as the requirement of each student is different. In short, method used for preparing for the exam will depend on the skill level of each test taker.
  • The prep materials that are selected by the students should not consist of outdated or old content or questions and care should also be taken before choosing the reliability of free study materials that are available online.
  • Whether it is an online prep mode or otherwise, it is necessary to choose a suitable mode of study option consisting of practice questions particularly for Mathematics section, as there is no alternative for practice tests.
  • While normal practice tests are included in a majority of prep materials that are used by students, mock tests for COMPASS are of great help as those instill more confidence for the final day of the best.
  • Self study or assessment is another aspect of studying for this exam effectively.
  • The sections of the test should be understood properly before the preparation for this test is started by the students.
  • The COMPASS test acts as a prerequisite for helping the students to choose the right courses for pursuing their college education. Therefore, the test takers should consider the review of the content or the study materials that are available on the internet or elsewhere.

The Methods of Studying for COMPASS

In order to study a particular course in the college of your preference, you need to follow a disciplined method of preparation for this test although there is no single method of preparation that can be recommended for all. The following methods can be useful for those students who want to know how to study for COMPASS:

  • The preparation should be started immediately after the completion of the registration process.
  • You should focus on the types of questions that are asked in the test. The sample questions are available in
  • You should have sufficient time for self study irrespective of the modes of preparation that are chosen by them.
  • It is necessary for you to focus on your strengths and weaknesses for obtaining better scores in this test.
  • You should seek proper guidance before taking this exam in order to understand the way in which it has to be approached.
  • Taking regular practice tests prepares the students to face the the real exam with more confidence.


The COMPASS is an assessment test that marks the beginning of college education for the students. Although, there is no system of pass/fail in this test, the students need to have effective preparations in order to obtain the required scores and get the opportunity of suitable placement or studying the preferred courses in college.

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