Best Guides for the COMPASS Math Section

Top 3 Sources of Obtaining a Study Guide

The COMPASS is administered for those students who are keen to pursue their college education. However, the system of assessment that is followed for this exam is different as passing scores are not declared for the test takers. The students can discuss their scores with the advisors and counselors of institutions in order to choose an appropriate course that is at par with their skills and abilities. Moreover, the test does not impose any restriction of time for the test takers, which allows them to focus on each section of the test in detail.

The test sections consist of:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

The Math Section

The Math Placement Test consists of multiple-choice questions, measuring three major skills of the test takers, which include:

  • Basic Skills: This section of Math exam tests the ability of the students for performing basic mathematical tasks.
  • Application Skills: In this section, the students have to apply their basic knowledge of Mathematics for performing complex tasks in this subject.
  • Analysis Skills: This section will require the test takers to exhibit their knowledge about the concepts of principles and relationships related to mathematical tasks.

The questions that you will find here consist of the following topics: Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.

3 Important Sources for COMPASS Math Guide

A prep book on COMPASS Math is one of the most important resources that are used by the candidates while preparing for this section of the test. However, the reliability of such a book is to be judged properly before moving ahead with the preparations. What are the best resources for obtaining a study guide for the test? The top three sources are summed up in the following points:

  • As far as getting a good guide is concerned, online study materials are extensively used by students nowadays because they allow them to study at their own pace. A majority of online courses focus on practice tests or mock tests that are conducted under real test conditions thereby enhancing the confidence of the students for the final day of the COMPASS test. For an accomplished course on the Math section, Kaplan offers which comes with a personal Math teacher in every lesson.

  • There are several books consisting of practice questions along with answer explanations that are available for the students. Some of these books include The COMPASS Math Test Success from Academic Success Media, which is a book that offers stepwise guidance for solving the most difficult problems of mathematics in the test.

  • There are free study materials that are available in online portals and the test takers can consult them for practice questions, as well. A link that many candidates find useful is:


The scores of the COMPASS Math section are used by the admission authorities of colleges for determining the competence of those candidates who are keen to pursue courses that are based on this subject. However, the choice of guide that one uses also accounts for the score that a test taker is able to obtain in this exam. Since this is a computer-adaptive exam, students will have the opportunity to proceed from low or intermediate level to the higher level while answering the questions.

Mathematics is one of the most exasperating sections of the COMPASS test and a participant of this test must consult authentic and reliable reference materials in order to get the required scores for studying in an institution that offers the courses that he/she wishes to study.