Disadvantages of a Test Study Book for the COMPASS

5 Pitfalls While Studying from a COMPASS Test Guide

Though there are no pass or fail criteria in this test, the COMPASS is an important exam for college aspirants. With a lot of test prep materials available these days, preparing yourself for the test may not be very difficult. However, while getting ready for the test, one should be aware of the pitfalls that one may fall into while studying from a prep book. 

Preparing for the COMPASS Test

As in the case of any other testing, the COMPASS may also involve a good amount of preparation and practice, depending on your personal requirements and style of study. When you are preparing for this examination, the first and foremost step should be to spend ample time learning about the test in detail. This includes learning about important aspects like the test purpose, test content, test pattern, question types asked, and the test duration. The best resource to start your studies would be the official website: http://www.act.org/products/higher-education-act-compass/

You may also need to check with the individual institution where you are applying, as the placement score requirements as well as the test package contents may differ from institution to institution.

Staying focused and preparing systematically would be the next essential steps in your preparation. Another important step would be to choose a good guide that fits your specific needs for preparation and any budgetary constraints. However, while choosing a book, you also need to be aware of some of the pitfalls and traps that may arise in the course of your preparation.

Pitfalls You Need to Be Aware of:

Listed here are five pitfalls that you should be aware of while using a prep book for your test preparation:

  1. A single book for preparation and that too a wrong one Your friend or colleague has chosen a study guide for his/her test requirements and has recommended the same to you as well; and you have accepted it without a second thought, and gone ahead and grabbed a copy, as well! But, remember that you could be trapped by making this hasty decision. If the book is one for specific needs and you need a more comprehensive test help; and if it is the only book you are going to rely on, you will surely face problems in your preparation.

  2. The book does not include overview test information When relying on a single prep book for your preparation, you also should verify that it includes information on relevant aspects of the test; otherwise, chances are that you would be left incompetent in your preparation.

  3. A book may not include complete solutions to your needs You may have chosen the right book in terms of the content nature and purpose, however, the book may still not work out for you as it is lacking detailed answers or explanations for questions and practice tests.

  4. Lack of authenticity and accuracy - Authenticity of the materials and the accuracy of information provided are crucial for any test preparation. When you rely on a single study guide for your preparation and if it lacks in this aspect, it could create problems for you.

  5. There could be a lot more to learn - No single book can actually contain all the required information a candidate might require. Hence, relying on a single book itself can be damaging to your test preparation. Hence, one should always refer to more than one resource for his/her test preparation.

COMPASS Books Reviews

Given here are the reviews of three popular study guides for COMPASS preparation:

  1. COMPASS Exam Success: The Easy Breezy Guide to Help COMPASS Test Takers is a comprehensive title. Considered as an insider’s guide to the exam, it presents relevant test details in an easy-to-understand manner. This book includes general strategies and overview information for the test, and specific sections for each of the tests. This is a title available for a reasonable price (http://www.amazon.com/COMPASS-Exam-Success-Breezy-ebook/dp/B004WKPFJ0/ref=pd_sim_kstore_2).

  2. COMPASS Exam - Bob Miller's Math Prep (http://www.amazon.com/COMPASS-Exam-Millers-Accuplacer-Preparation/dp/073861002X) is considered a good study guide for Math preparation by many. This too is a comprehensive prep book with extensive coverage of different Math areas included in the test. Practice tests, drills, and examples are provided with answer keys; in addition, you will also find some special tips and strategies from the author, an experienced and popular Math teacher.

  3. COMPASS Exam Practice Questions (First Set): Practice Test & Review for the Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System by Mometrix Media is another popular book available today. This is a title that focuses more on the practice aspect of the test preparation. In-depth and elaborate explanations are included in this book for each practice question. More information about this title can be found at: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/compass-exam-practice-questions-compass-exam-secrets-test-prep-team/1101064437.

Based on your needs, some of these titles may be useful for your COMPASS test preparation. However, when selecting titles, ensure you are aware of the pitfalls, and accordingly make a wise choice from the available options.

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