Test Scores for the COMPASS

COMPASS Test Scores to Get You into Top Colleges

The COMPASS is a college placement test which is untimed and computer-adaptive in nature and it is taken by the incoming freshmen during the orientation program. The subjects tested here are Mathematics, Writing, Writing Essay, Reading and English as a Second Language.

Test Pattern

All the questions are of that of the multiple-choice type and pertain to the syllabus that you have studied in your high school years.

The questions that you will face are adaptive in nature, which means that the difficulty level of these will depend on how you answer them. If you answer a certain number of questions correctly, then the next level of questions that will come up on your computer screen will be more difficult On the other hand, if you answer a certain number of questions wrong, then the difficulty level of the questions decreases.

The first level of the several tests that you take up is called the initial domain and the last level that you take up is called the placement domain.The placement domain scores determine your skill level and this is used by the educators to identify the right courses for you.


One prominent feature of this exam is that you cannot pass or fail the COMPASS. You score is released immediately after the test and they range is from 0 to 100, where100 is the highest and 0 is the lowest you can obtain.

Each institute has a different cut-off score and this will differ for each course. You will have better 

Importance of COMPASS Scores

This exam score is very important because it determines the courses you can opt for in college and they also reflect your skills, ability and knowledge level. Educational institutions use them to advise you on the courses you can opt for. This early intervention will make sure that you do not take up courses that are beyond your skills level and struggle later.

Score Requirements

Each institution has different cut-off scores for student enrollment but the minimum score required for the leading colleges is very high. Normally, a range of 70 and 100 is required to join a mathematics course but if you have low score, you willhave to join remedial classes which would be a waste of time and money since it will not add to your college credits. In the case of the Writing section, arange of 75 to 100 shows that the student possesses the writing skills required for a college level entry course.

You can retake the test if you want to improve your scores.

Test Preparation

Though the questions in the test pertain to what you have studied in high school, preparation is essential for it too. You can start preparing by brushing up the concepts, formulae and theories that you have learnt in high school. Still, there are many instances where even good students have attained low scores because they were not completely prepared for the test. Many good books are available that can help with your preparation and you will also find free online study guides and practice tests that can be used for your preparation.


Attaining a good score in COMPASS is essential if you want to join a leading college and for this you need to work hard. It is best that you draft a schedule and follow the same diligently. A thorough preparation will make sure that you get a high score and you must take as many practice tests as possible.

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