A Score Chart for the COMPASS

What Scores do Top Universities Prefer?

The COMPASS is taken by students for the purpose of determining how ready they are to undertake a college program. The test measures the strengths and weaknesses of the test takers in the following subjects:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language or ESL

A reference score chart for this exam will consist of the scores that the various educational institutions prefer to place students in right courses. With the help of these scores, it becomes easy for colleges to consider the placement of students in suitable courses. However, there is no concept of pass or fail in the COMPASS. Thus, the students have to score according to the requirements of an institution or a college in order to be considered for admission or placement.


The scores of COMPASS indicate the readiness of students for taking admission in universities and those who are able to score well in it can expect to make it to a leading university. They will also get an opportunity to study the advanced level courses according to their merit. There is no time limit for this examination and students can take the same without feeling the pressure of time. However, the scores that will be obtained by them will depend on their level of preparation.

Scores Preferred by Universities

The following points will give you some idea about the scores that the educational institutions listed below prefer from their incoming students:

  • For Kennesaw State University, the minimum scores required for Mathematics/Algebra is 20 and for the Writing section a score of 32 is preferred. The minimum score required for the Reading section is 62.

  • For Savannah State University, the minimum score that is required for Writing is 60, Reading is 74 and Mathematics is 37.

  • For Georgia Perimeter College, the minimum COMPASS score required for Mathematics is 20, Reading is 62 and Writing is 32.

  • When it comes to Fort Valley State University, the minimum score for Reading is 62, Writing is 32 and Mathematics is 20.

  • For Albany State University, the required scores are 37 in Mathematics, 60 in Writing and 74 in Reading.

  • The Arkansas Tech University prefers a minimum score of 41 for Mathematics, 75 for Writing and 82 for Reading.

  • In Clayton State University, the Writing score should be atleast 72, Reading should be 78 and Mathematics should be 30.

  • As far as the requirement of Boise State University is concerned, students must score around 68-100 in English Placement and in Mathematics,  they should obtain a minimum score of 25.

  • For Texas A & M University - Commerce, students need to have at least 81 in Reading, 39 in Mathematics and 59 in Reading.

  • The University of West Georgia recommends that the minimum score of COMPASS should be 74 in Reading, 60 in Writing and 37 in Mathematics.


The COMPASS score presents a detailed analysis of the level of aptitude for each student who has taken this test and it remains valid for two years. Although, these scores are used by universities or colleges for measuring the level of skills for test takers, they are beneficial for the students as well because the report will  help them analyze those areas that require improvement (in case the scores turn out to be unsatisfactory). However, this exam can be taken again if the scores you have obtained are not satisfactory.