Review Guides for the COMPASS

5 Things a COMPASS Test Review Guide Must Have

The COMPASS ACT test is a computer-adaptive college placement test. Based on the abilities and skills displayed by the students in this test, the educators help them in identifying the right courses for their studies. For the Math test, the knowledge and skills of the students in the following five areas are tested:

  1. Pre-Algebra
  2. Algebra
  3. College Algebra
  4. Geometry
  5. Trigonometry

Preparation for the Test

A good review guide is the best way to prepare for the test. All the test questions are from what the student has studied in the school years. However, a good preparation is essential because math is a subject where constant refreshment of the knowledge gained is very important.

How to Select a Good Study Guide?

Selecting a good guide book is no mean task in today’s world since there are many books available in the market. However, there are certain traits for which one must look while making a choice among them. These traits are:

  1. Matching of Requirements- Each student’s requirement will be different with regard to a book. A good book for you is the one that matches your requirements. Therefore, first understand your requirements before buying a book.
  2. Explanation of Solutions- A book with just Math problems will not be enough for preparation. Therefore, a book which gives a step-by step explanation to the solutions is preferable. This is one of the important aspects that differentiate a good study book from other normal books.
  3. Practice Tests- Practice is the only way one can improve his/her mathematical skills. Therefore, a good guide should have at least two practice tests.
  4. Exam Tips- Some books give useful tips for solving problems in simpler ways. These tips prove to be quite helpful and time saving in the exam. A book with these tips is better than those without them.
  5. Cost of the Book- The cost of the book should be considered while buying a book. Many times, books are overpriced. If the book is expensive but you find it good, you can try to buy a used version of it. A used book will be low in cost.

Reviews of Study Guides

A few of the good test books are reviewed below:

  1. College Placement Test Math Practice: 200 College Placement Test Math Practice Problems and Solutions

    This book, as the name suggests, contains 200 math practice problems with step-by-step solutions. This book contains tough problems. 40 Arithmetic problems, 60 Algebra problems and 100 college-level problems are included in this study aid. Since the actual test contains 49 problems in all the three Math sections put together, this book is equivalent to more than 12 practice tests.

    Exam tips and ways to solve similar problems are also provided in this book along with the step-by step solutions to the problems.

  2. BobMiller's Math Prep for the COMPASS Exam

    This book covers all the areas of the Math section of the test. The author of this study guide has taught math to thousands of students for 30 years. His methodology has helped many students in the test. The chapters are easy-to-follow and the examples given in the book help in building Math skills. There are two practice tests in this book that contain actual test questions. Detailed explanations are given for all the questions and this helps in identifying your strengths and weaknesses while helping you refresh your mathematics knowledge. Tips on how to study, strategies and ways to increase your confidence are also given. This book is priced at $12.15.

  3. COMPASS Math Test Success: 150 Compass Math Problems & Solutions

    This study guide is a very helpful book as it covers all the areas of the Math test. Illustrations, formulae and step-by-step solutions are the highlights of this book. The student will get a good practice before the actual test if he/she solves all the problems in this book.


An ideal book for test preparation is different for each one of us. Therefore, it is important that you read the reviews of the book and buy a book that matches what you require from the book. Only this way will the preparation for the test be complete.

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