Features of the Online COMPASS

Features of COMPASS Test Online

What is COMPASS Test?

The COMPASS online test is an examination that is taken by those students who wish to enrol in a college level course. It will assess whether or not the test taker has the ability and the skills required to succeed in the course that he has selected. It can be taken in the campus of the college that you wish to study in.

How to Take COMPASS Online?

To register or to find out more information about this test, you will have to get in touch with the advisor or counsellor of the college that you are interested to join. He or she will be able to give you details about the test and also inform you about the testing dates so that you can take the exam on the date that is convenient for you. Keep in mind that you will be able to take the test online only after you have registered for the same.

COMPASS Test Features

  • The online test assesses the skills of the candidate and places him for the right course. If he does not have the skills, for the specific course that he is planning to pursue, the test will help the test taker find out the course that is most suitable for him.

  • The test will help the institute determine if a particular student is right for the course. If he is not, then he will not be allowed to study for the same because it will only lead to loss of college resources.

  • There are three sections in the exam and these are Maths, Reading and Writing. All the questions in all the sections will be in the form of multiple-choice questions.

  • The test to be taken online is not timed. This means that there is no time limit within which you need to complete all the questions. You can take your time and work on the questions without having to worry about the time. Generally, it takes about 2.5 hours for most test takers to finish the examination.

  • The exam is taken on a computer. As such, you will need to know how to operate this system because if you cannot use a computer you will not be able to take the test. There is no pen and paper version of the test available.

  • The test is taken on the campus of the college that you wish to enrol in but if you are living far from the institute, you can always opt for remote testing where you can take the exam at a test center near your place of residence. You will have to contact your college for more information on this.

  • An important feature is that there is no passing score unlike most of the tests. You cannot pass or fail in it. However, most colleges require that you obtain at least 75% in all the sections so that you can get admission.

  • Scoring in all the sections of the test is carried out separately and the report you obtain after the exam will contain three scores for each of the sections. You will not find any composite score. The score is a percentile score that will range from 1 to 100.

  • The result of the test taken online can be obtained immediately after the test is completed. The same can be collected from the proctor.

  • If you have obtained a low score that you are not happy with, you can always consider taking the test again. Needless to say, you will need to make sure that you are prepared for the exam in a better way than you were in the first attempt.

  • The ESL or English as a Second Language is a test that is taken by those students who are not native English speakers. Here, the test-taker’s knowledge of the English language is assessed to place him in the right ESL course. Four areas are tested here and these are Reading, Listening, Essay and Grammar/Usage.