Preparation for the Mathematics Section of COMPASS

Step-by-Step Math Test Prep Guide

The COMPASS is the most standardized tool for assessing the skills and abilities of those students who are keen to continue their college studies. By taking this test, the students are also able to choose the courses that they intend to study after discussing the scores that they have obtained, with the college advisors in the subjects that are tested. The exam comprises of the following subjects:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

A Quick Glimpse of Math Section of COMPASS Test

The Mathematics section is a comprehensive exam encompassing several areas of this subject in the Placement and Diagnostic tests. The test is computerized in which the level of questions becomes more difficult when the students are able to answer the questions correctly. The areas in which the students' knowledge of Mathematics is tested can be noted from the points listed in the later part of this article.

The students have to answer multiple-choice questions and the test of Mathematics instructs the students to prove these skills:

  1. Basic Skills: In this, the test takers have to perform a series of basic operations of mathematics.
  2. Application Skills: The test takers need to apply the basic skills for performing complex tasks.
  3. Analysis Skills: This is related to the understanding of the concepts of principles and relationships in Mathematics.

The Placement Test of Mathematics requires the students to address the Mathematical problems related to Pre Algebra/Numerical Skills, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. In order to perform satisfactorily in the Mathematics section of the test, students must focus on the preparation.

Stepwise Guidance for COMPASS Math Prep

The test does not declare passing scores for any of the subjects that are tested in this exam. Being one of the most significant areas of this test, adequate preparation is required by the students to achieve their desired target in the test. The points that are mentioned below will frame a step-by-step guide for preparing for the Math section:

  • The first step that is to be followed by the aspirants while preparing for Mathematics is to understand the sections and divisions of this test and the type of questions that they have to answer.
  • Those students who are keen to take the Math test must assess their skills in this subject before taking the test. This will not only allow the students to gauge their strengths and weaknesses, but will also track their progress.
  • When it comes to preparing for the Math section, the official reference materials are available on the website of ACT COMPASS. The sample questions that are present in these materials are indeed useful for Math prep.
  • To study well for Math , taking practice exams are extremely significant for enhancing the confidence.
  • The students should however, check the reliability or credibility of the materials that are included in prep packages in order to ensure that they are actually moving in the right direction.
  • There is no single mode of to gear up for the section that is suitable for all. Therefore, each student appearing the test must have the insight for choosing those reference and study materials that are suitable for him/her.
  • The study materials that are chosen by the students must also contain answer explanations and justifications for all the test takers.


Math prep is one of the most important aspects that should be remembered by the students who are taking this test. The scores of the test are a measure of the competence and skills of the students. Thus, obtaining low scores in Mathematics suggests that a student may require proper learning support before taking up the entry-level courses in college.

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