Uses of COMPASS for the Ivy Tech Community College Admissions

Importance of COMPASS Test for Ivy Tech Admission/Placement

The COMPASS test is administered for those students who are keen to pursue their education from the Ivy Tech Community College. The scores of this test are delivered to the students after the completion of the test; thereafter, they can discuss their scores with the advisors and counselors of the college for obtaining proper guidance in order to choose an appropriate course for continuing their college education. In short, the test acts like a forerunner that allows the students to register for the classes that are held in this college.

However, the COMPASS  is different because there is no concept of pass/fail in this test and the scores are used for placing the students in suitable courses according to their skills and abilities.

The Sections of Ivy Tech COMPASS Test

The subject/skills that are tested for taking admission in the Ivy Tech Community College include the following:

  • Reading Skills: In this section of the test, students have to demonstrate their skills of reading by answering the multiple-choice questions so as to study the entry-level courses in this college. In the Placement Test, there are five reading comprehension passages that are based on Social Sciences, Practical Reading, Prose Fiction, Natural Sciences, and Humanities. The Reading Diagnostic Section consists of questions on Reading Comprehension, Reader Profile and Vocabulary.

  • Writing Skills: The Writing Skills section of the test includes an essay in which the errors of Grammar, Punctuation and Style can be located. The students are supposed to peruse the passage several times before choosing the right answers. Besides this, the test takers have to concentrate on two items that are based on Rhetorical Strategies.

  • Mathematics: In the Math section of the test, the skills of the students are tested on three major areas that include:
    1. Basic Skills
    2. Application Skills
    3. Analysis Skills

The test takers must have proper knowledge of decimals, exponents, graphing, averages, ratios, proportions, polynomials, factoring and linear equations. There is a provision for the students to use calculators while taking the test according to which the students can utilize a non-graphing calculator or use the online calculator. However, the test takers of Lafayette Assessment Center are provided with a scientific calculator.

The Significance of Ivy Tech COMPASS Test for Admission and Placement

The students can take Ivy Tech exam for getting placement and admission in Ivy Tech Community College. Do the scores reflect the abilities of the students for obtaining an opportunity to study in this college? What is the significance of taking the test as far as the admission and placement of Ivy Tech Community College is concerned? Let us find out the reasons for the same in the next few points:

  • The test is the most important parameter for the institution to admit students in various courses of English and Mathematics.

  • The contents of this test are intended to measure the skill, ability and versatility of each student in each of the areas of the test so that the admission authorities are sure about placing the students in appropriate courses.

  • It also clarifies whether the test takers are prepared for the college or they need support with developmental courses before entering the basic courses in Ivy Tech Community College.

  • Obtaining good scores in the test is important because the students will have better opportunities while choosing the courses that they wish to study in this college. Thus, if a student is unable to achieve the target scores in this test, they will not have the option of studying the degree of their choice.

  • The test takers must focus on sufficient preparation with the assistance of proper reference materials in order to reach the target scores so that the placement and admission procedures can be simplified to a great extent.


The test is an important tool for students seeking admission in this college in order to continue with their education. This test, which is offered in Monticello, Crawfordsville and Lafeyette Centers, allows students to schedule an appointment for it before starting their college education and fulfilling their academic goals.