COMPASS Test in Hawaii

Everything you Need to Know about COMPASS Test Options in Hawaii

The COMPASS is a computer adaptive test that is administered for the students of Hawaii for measuring their skills and aptitude for pursuing their college education. The features of the test are summed up in the points mentioned below:

The Features of COMPASS Test

  • The COMPASS test is different from the traditional system of testing as it allows the students to complete the exam without any restriction of time. Thus, the test takers are able to concentrate on each section of the test for choosing the correct option.

  • The COMPASS is necessarily a test of assessment that allows the students to choose suitable courses based on the scores that are obtained in this test.

  • There is no option of pass/fail and the scores are a measure of the skills of the test takers.

  • Although, there is no restriction of time for this test, the students generally take about 3-4 hours for completing the full exam. However, the test also allows the students to take each subject separately with prior intimation to the authorities. In short, they can take the test of Mathematics on one day and return back to test for Reading Skills on the next day.

  • The scores are delivered immediately after the exam, thereby enabling the students to discuss with the advisors of the colleges for choosing the appropriate courses.

  • The test can be taken in any of the community colleges affiliated to the University of Hawaii.

The Sections of the COMPASS Test

The COMPASS is offered in the following subjects:

  • Reading Skills: There are five comprehension passages in this section for studying the basic courses in the college. The questions are based on Practical Reading, Prose Fiction, Social Sciences, Humanities and Natural Sciences.

  • Writing Skills: The students must identify the errors in this section of writing and there are two broad categories in this section on which the questions are based including Mechanics/Usage and Rhetorical Skills.

  • Mathematics: The Mathematics Placement test evaluates the Basic, Application and Analysis Skills of the students and the questions are based on Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.

  • Essay Writing: In this section, a writing task is presented to the students on which they are supposed to formulate their opinions and substantiate them with apt arguments.

  • English as a Second Language: The questions of this section are based on Listening, Reading and Grammar/Usage.

Overview of the COMPASS Test

This test determines the skill level of the students taking it up. Therefore, the students need to have adequate preparation for the same with the help of the prep courses and classes that are available online and also through books. The benefit of registering for the online classes is that it helps the students to understand the pattern of the test. At the same time, the questions that are to be expected through the practice tests and the mock tests are included in a majority of online prep materials.

On the other hand, the students must also check the sample questions in order to know the types of questions that are asked in this test. The aspirants should also weigh their progress in an appropriate manner so that they are able to focus on those areas of the test that require more attention.

The Mathematics section is particularly tricky with an array of sections and the students need to brush up their skills and take a number of practice tests before obtaining the level of confidence that is required for taking the test. However, the test takers must have adequate knowledge of all the sections of the test.

Conclusively, it must be said that the COMPASS is one of the best ways of assessing the skills of the students and creates opportunities for them for continuing their college studies.