Study Guides for the English Test of COMPASS

5 Features of a Good COMPASS English Guide

The English Test Section

If you are seeking admission in one of the college-level courses in the United States, you may be asked to take the COMPASS exam. Through the result of this test, it can be determined whether you have the skills to succeed in the course that you are planning to pursue. If the scores you have obtained are low, then you may be denied admission. This is the reason why you need to score high in all the sections, including English. There are three sections in the exam out of which two are English sections, the third one being the Math section. The Reading section is one where you will find reading passages and questions will be asked based on these passages. In the Writing section, you will have to point out errors in the essays that will be displayed on the computer screen. If English is a subject that you are not very sure about then make sure that you start preparing for it as early as possible. There are so many resources you can consider when it comes to studying for the exam. All you have to do is look for a good study guide to help you and offer you guidance.

Five Features to Look for in an English Study Guide

If you want to buy the best study guide, there are certain features that you need to look for. These are the following:

  1. Easy to understand language: The book that you buy to help you prepare for the exam should be written in an easy to understand tone. It should not be written in complicated language otherwise you will not be able to understand it well.

  2. Grammar: Another feature of the guide should be that it should teach you how to use English Grammar. Many people can speak in English but they are not able to speak in proper English because they make grammatical errors. To prevent this from happening, you should buy a book that will focus on the grammar portion.

  3. Details about the sections: The book should also give you information about the Reading and the Writing section of the COMPASS. A good study guide will contain everything that you need to know about these two sections so that you can prepare for the exam effectively.

  4. Examples: The guide you buy should give you examples on how sentences should be framed or written. This way, you will be able to score high in the exam because you will know the right way to frame your sentences.

  5. Essay writing guide: The book that you are planning to buy should also guide you on how to effectively write a good essay. You need to know how to frame the paragraphs and content of the essay. Thus, ensure that the guide you buy has this feature.

Reviews of a Few English Study Guides

Given below are the reviews of guides that you can consider buying to help you with the English section.

  • Doug French's Verbal Review for the COMPASS Exam: This guide will help you prepare for the English sections of the COMPASS effectively. It includes two sample tests and it also contains answers to the questions, along with their explanations. You will be able to recognize your strong and weak areas when you use this book for your preparation. This is a guide that has everything that you need to know about the examination and all the chapters included are in an easy-to follow format.

  • Compass Reading Test Success by Academic Success Media: There are twenty practice tests based on the Reading section of the COMPASS in this book. You can work on the questions and then refer to the answers given in the book to find out how well you have performed.

  • COMPASS Exam Practice Questions by COMPASS Exam Secrets Test Prep Team: This is a book that will give you practice questions on all the three sections of the COMPASS, two of which make up the English sections. You will find answers to these questions in the book and the explanations of the same so that you can understand the questions clearly.