Book for COMPASS Test Preparation

COMPASS Test Book for Comprehensive Preparation

COMPASS is a multiple-choice, computer-adaptive and untimed college placement test given to the incoming freshmen during the orientation program. This test helps the educators to identify the appropriate courses for you based on the abilities and skills displayed by you in the test. The abilities, knowledge and skills are tested in five sections. These areas are Reading, Writing Essay, Writing Skills, English as a Second Language and Mathematics.

How to Prepare for the Test?

Like for any test, a good preparation is essential for the COMPASS test as well. Many times, even good students fair badly in the test because of lack of preparation. Since the scores in this test will decide the courses you can opt for, a good score in this test is very important. This test is designed such that it helps the educators identify your knowledge that you have gained in your high school years. A few comprehensive test books are available in the market that you can use for your preparation. However, the key to getting a good score is by studying hard and refreshing the principles, concepts and formulae that you have learnt in your high school years. Some of the good books are reviewed below for your perusal:


    This book has received nationwide praise from many institutions. This is a comprehensive guide that has been prepared based on actual test booklets. Therefore, all the problems in the book are very similar to the problems asked in the test. Moreover, each week, students who have taken the COMPASS test are interviewed to gather as much information about the test as possible and to make sure that the material in this book reflects the material in the exam as accurately as possible.

    The company has a patented "COMPASS Battery Software Program" and each and every question that is updated in the practice tests is scanned using this program. If the problem fails in any of the checkpoints, that question is removed from the final study guide.

    This book can be downloaded and printed and it costs $23.50.

  • Chart Your Success on the COMPASS Test- 3rd Edition

    This book is designed in such a way that it helps you understand and prepare for the COMPASS test in a comprehensive way. It helps you review the skills that are necessary to perform well in the test. The book is divided into four parts with 13 chapters:

    1. Introduction - 1 chapter
    2. Mathematics - 6 chapters; Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry and Practice Tests
    3. Composition - 3 chapters; Mechanics and Usage, Rhetorical Skills and Practice Tests
    4. Reading - 3 chapters; Referring Items, Reasoning Items and Practice Tests.

    The practice tests available in each of the chapters in this book resemble the real test. The book is available at all leading online stores and is priced at $159.79 for a new book and $50.28 for a used book at


    Both practice tests and study guides are required to get a good score in the COMPASS test. This book is available free of cost if the students buy all of their practice tests for the Reading, Writing and Math sections. The practice tests are similar to the real test. Both the printed and an online version of the study guide are available. You can choose the version you would like to study with. The cost of the practice tests package is $22.50. The Reading Test practice material is available for iPad or iPod on the App store.


In order to attain a high score, it is best that you set a target score and start studying. You must try to do as many practice tests as possible so that you understand the types of questions that are asked in the test. A book will help you prepare for the COMPASS test but you need to put in the hard work as well to get the desired scores.

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