COMPASS for Austin Community College

5 Reasons Why You Should Take COMPASS for Austin Community College Admission

The Texas Success Initiative law states that every aspiring student seeking college admission (if not exempted lawfully), be evaluated for his/her college-readiness first and then be placed in a course that befits his/her current skills and levels. Among the different tests approved by TSI for this purpose, the COMPASS is a test used by the Austin Community College (ACC). If you are an aspiring candidate for ACC admission, learn more about this test here.


Administered by many higher education institutions across the country, the COMPASS is an evaluative and diagnostic test that helps colleges understand their students' academic abilities and levels better and thus decide the best courses for them. There are no pass or fail scores set for this test, and it is self-paced with no time limits set to complete the test. In addition to helping colleges place each applicant, the test scores also aid in suggesting developmental programs for each applicant. Also, the subject tests included are customizable as per the courses offered at each institute.

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The test administered at the Austin Community College is not different from the usual COMPASS test. The following subject areas are included:

  • The Reading test
  • The Writing test
  • The Mathematics test

In addition, an essay writing test is also included as a part of the THEA Alternative COMPASS test

The test date and timings are decided by the ACC and informed to each applicant. For more information, refer to the Austin Community College website

COMPASS for ACC Admission

Established in the state of Texas, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires that all those who are interested in seeking higher education take a test before joining college. There are different tests approved by the TSI like THEA, CLEP, ASSET and COMPASS. In compliance with the TSI requirements, the ACC requires that all those who wish to join a course take the COMPASS test, unless otherwise exempted or waived from taking a TSI approved test.

As per the ACC admission procedures, you need to apply for ACC admission, get your TSI status evaluated and accordingly take the COMPASS test, if required, before enrolling. You may note that the test scores are not a condition for admission at ACC, but are, rather, used for placement purposes. That is, the scores you get are used in understanding your strengths and weaknesses in the particular subject area, and, thus, in placing you in a course that befits your level of understanding. The scores also help ACC determine the need for any additional or developmental programs for you to help you improve in your respective weaker areas. Students may also be asked to take ASSET or other Advance Placement credit options like CLEP at ACC. For more information, refer to

Five Reasons to Take COMPASS Test

As you have seen, the COMPASS test is an admission requirement at ACC. To summarize, here are five important pointers stating why you cannot avoid taking it:

  1. The State of Texas has a TSI law requirement, which requires that all students seeking higher education in the state let their college-readiness be measured prior to enrolling. Complying with this, ACC requires that students, not otherwise exempted from TSI, be administered the COMPASS test as a part of the admission procedure.

  2. Being an evaluative test, the COMPASS plays an important role in deciding the best possible course and class for you at ACC. The college places you in the best possible course according to the COMPASS scores.

  3. Being also a diagnostic test, it helps ACC analyze the students' strengths and weaknesses and then recommend developmental programs, if needed.

  4. At ACC, if your scores indicate the need for two developmental programs, it helps the college develop a better plan to support you through your course; along with a TSI plan and a support service plan in addition to the educational plan.

  5. In other words, the COMPASS scores help ACC ensure that you meet the required TSI criteria for college enrollment and are able to successfully complete your college program.

Therefore, if seeking admission in any college in Texas, including the ACC, the COMPASS is an important aspect of the admission and placement procedure. As a legal compliance as well as an evaluative measure to improve yourself academically, the test is an essentially important part to anyone's academic (and even professional) career paths.