Tips to Help Choose Study Guides for COMPASS

How to Judge a COMPASS Study Guide

The COMPASS test is taken by all those students who are keen to complete their college education and choose the courses that they wish to study according to the scores that they achieve in this exam. However, the test differs from the conventional mode of testing the skills and abilities of the students as the system of declaring passing scores does not exist in this system. Thus, the scores are only a measure of the aptitude of the test takers and indicate whether they can study the entry-level courses in a college or not.

The COMPASS Test Sections and Study guides for the Test

A majority of colleges follow this tool of assessment for granting admission to the students and many of them have score ranges for the subjects that are assessed in this test. Therefore, a student taking the test must attain the scores that are specified by an institution in order to pursue their studies in that institution. The subjects of the test include:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

In order to get satisfactory scores in the test, the students must work hard to strengthen their preparation. Study guides play a very significant role in helping the students to achieve their desired target as far as the test scores are concerned. However, choosing the appropriate study guide is a challenging task as there are so many aspects that should be analyzed before choosing an effective book or online resource that offer good materials for prep. At the same time, the plethora of study guides available for the test can make the choice difficult for an individual.

Tips for Judging a Study Guide for COMPASS Test

The following points will demonstrate how to judge a competent and powerful study guide for the test:

  • Compass study guides should contain updated study materials along with the practice questions and answer explanations of the tests that have been held during the last 5 years.

  • The presentation of the study material should be enticing for examinees. In short, the approach of a study guide should create a genuine interest among the students to look at those materials.

  • The practice questions included in the study guides should not be repeated. This is to imply that each set of questions should be different from the other and no repetition should exist in this case.

  • The study guide chosen by an aspirant should be genuine and authentic and must ensure that consulting the lessons of the guide will help the students to get good scores in the test.

  • Comparing different study guides will also allow the students to make a better choice when it comes to reference and study materials for the test.

Books are considered as one of the best and conventional modes of preparation for the test. As a matter of fact, books are trusted by a majority of aspirants while preparing for this test. The study aids act as a convincing way of preparing for this test although the students should not solely depend on these guides while preparing for the exam.

Review of the COMPASS Prep Books

A review of the significant books for the test will allow students to choose the one that they would require for prep:

  • COMPASS Exam Practice questions: This book, which is available in two volumes, belongs to the category of effective study guides because there is no alternative for practice questions that not only help the students to monitor their progress, but also enhance their confidence for the final test.

  • COMPASS Exam Practice by G Success: This is another useful book that is used by aspirants for preparation. The prep modules that are present in this book have been developed after sufficient research so that the benefits of using this book reflect on the scores attained by its readers.

  • Chart Your Success on the COMPASS Test: This book by Carol Callahan is preferred by test takers because it encompasses all the subjects that are tested.

Good study resources are an important part of preparing for this test and help the students to feel more confident for obtaining good scores. This will allow the institutions in offering the courses that the students want to pursue as part of their college education.