Details of a Review Test for COMPASS

What You Can Do Wrong While Studying from a COMPASS Math Review

The COMPASS is an assessment that prepares the students for continuing their college education. By taking this test, the students are able to get the benefit of choosing the courses that they wish to study in college. The review test offers the best opportunity to the students while preparing for this test because they are able to get an idea about the real test day conditions and take the actual exam with confidence for obtaining good scores.

The Placement test of Math intends to assess three major skills of the students that are summed in the points below:

  • Basic Skills: For the questions on Basic Skills, the students are required to find solutions to a series of problems involving basic mathematical operations.

  • Application Skills: In this, the basic skills are applied for solving complex mathematical tasks.

  • Analysis Skills: The students have to prove their skills of analyzing through the conceptual knowledge of the principles and relationships in mathematical tasks.

The questions in this section are based on Pre Algebra/Numerical Skills, College Algebra, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.

Review of COMPASS Math Study Guides

The preparation for Math accounts for good scores in this test. However, the reference materials that are used for preparation also count a lot for success in the test. In the next few points, aspirants will know about the study guides for math that they should consider for preparation:

What are the Probable Mistakes Made While Studying from COMPASS Math Review?

While a Math review is preferred as a study material by a majority of candidates, there are a few mistakes that should be avoided at all costs by all those students who are preparing for the test. What are these mistakes that each student should know and understand before taking the final examination? The following points will demonstrate a few of these mistakes.

  • Studying from a Math guide containing outdated materials is a mistake that should be avoided.

  • The students often make mistakes while choosing a study resource because the requirement of each student differs when it comes to mathematics. Thus, a student should insist on a Math guide that would help him/her to strengthen the skills on this subject.

  • The tendency to look at the answer explanations before attempting the practice questions is another mistake because it does a little harm to the natural abilities and the skills of the students.

  • The habit of depending on a study aid blindly is not a good idea. As a matter of fact, self study is still the best way to accomplish preparation for the test because it instills confidence in the test takers and allows them to monitor their progress as far as preparation is concerned.

  •  Aspirants often fail to decide the type of review materials that would suit their requirements. For instance, there are students who would find books on Math more useful while others might prefer only practice questions.

  • Each student should explore the review materials much like the other reference materials that are available for the exam before considering them for preparation.

Aspirants must focus on their choice of review materials as much as they intend to use them for honing their skills. As a matter of fact, choosing improper materials for preparation will lead to wastage of time and money; on the other hand, studying from appropriate reference materials can lead to a significant increase in the test scores.