Details of the Reading Tests Scores of COMPASS

5 Reasons why you Need to Take COMPASS Reading Test

The COMPASS is a standardized test of assessment that measures the skills and abilities of the students for continuing their college education. By taking this test, the students are able to demonstrate their competence and proficiency of the subjects that are tested. The subjects that are tested in the test are:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

The Features of COMPASS Reading Test

The Reading Placement Test includes the following features:

  • The Reading Placement Test intends to test the abilities of the students for entry level English college courses that are based on this skill.

  • The scores from the Placement test also determine whether a student requires more support and instruction for Reading before getting an opportunity for entering the basic courses in college.

  • The Reading test consists of five comprehension passages that are based on Practical Reading, Prose Fiction, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.

  • The students have to answer multiple-choice questions and select the correct responses from the options that are available for them.

  • The results from the test are not passing scores rather they are a measure of the skills of the test takers. In short, obtaining low scores and high scores will allow the institutions to help the students for choosing the appropriate courses in English.

  • The scores obtained in the Reading test allow the students to track their progress in English reading skills.

Five Reasons for Taking COMPASS Reading Test

Test takers must have sufficient preparation in English for answering the questions in the Reading Skills section of the test. However, the five reasons for taking the Reading test are:

  • The scores from the Reading Skills section are utilized by several colleges before allowing the students to choose the courses in English.

  • Those students who are keen to take up entry-level English courses in college should consider taking this test for allowing the institutions to judge their performance based on the scores they have achieved.

  • There are few colleges that specify their scores for each section of the test for students to consider the courses that they wish to study. Thus, those students with preference for specific colleges will have to take the Reading test compulsorily if they are keen about studying the courses related to this section of the test.

  • Taking the Reading Skills test will create several opportunities for those students who wish to pursue their college education with English courses.

  • The students taking the Reading Skills test will get freedom for choosing the courses of their choice after discussing the Reading Placement scores with the advisors and counselors of colleges.

The Significance of the Scores in COMPASS Reading Section

As far as the Reading Placement test is concerned, there are no passing scores that are declared for this test, although the students must note the importance of the scores that are related to this section of the exam. The points below mention the significance of the Reading Placement scores:

  • The basic courses of English that are offered by the colleges are based on the scores of Reading Skills test of English as the test is a standardized tool for testing the skills and abilities of the students.

  • The section is a measure of the English skills of the students and also allow the students to monitor their progress in this language.

  • Choosing an institution becomes easy when the students achieve the desired scores that are recommended by the colleges.

  • English is the medium of instruction in the colleges of United States and the scores of Reading Skills serve as an important parameter for measuring the skills of the students in this subject.


The test scores are used by most colleges for determining the skills of the students and create numerous opportunities for the students for studying their preferred courses. However, those students who intend to study the courses of English must focus on sufficient preparation and understand how to obtain good scores in the Reading Skills section of the test.