Details about Pre Tests for COMPASS

Benefits of Taking a COMPASS Pre Test

The COMPASS is a test of assessment that is taken by all those students who are keen to pursue their choice of education or subjects in the college. In fact, the score requirements of the test are different in colleges and the test aspirants should make a note of the same in order to choose a college in which they would want to pursue their education. However, this test is different than the conventional system of testing because there is no concept of pass/fail scores in this test. Thus, the scores of this test are intended to measure the aptitude of the students. For instance, if a student is able to obtain the required score of a college, the institution will be able to place the student in an entry or basic level courses in the college.

COMPASS pretest: The beginning of preparation

On the other hand, failure to attain the required scores insist that a student will require learning or instructional support before entering into the entry level courses in different colleges. In order to ensure that a student is able to obtain the required score in the exam, it is necessary to consider the option of using practice tests that are administered for students for their effective preparation for this test.

The Advantages of taking COMPASS Pretest

The next few points will demonstrate the benefits of attempting practice tests:

  • The practice test should be taken by all aspirants in order to understand the types of questions that can be expected in the final exam.
  • Taking the pretest will also allow the students to track their progress in order to make improvements in their scores.
  • The students will get an opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses by taking the practice tests that are offered by different test prep agencies. For instance, the math test prep course by Kaplan offers practice tests for mathematics.
  • The mock tests that are offered by the test prep agencies offer an idea to the students for taking the test under real tests day conditions. Thus, the students feel more confident while taking the actual test.
  • Simulations of questions adds vigor to the level of preparation of the aspirants.
  • By taking the pretest, the students are able to understand the sections of the test and the types of questions that are likely to be expected in the final examination.
  • Practice questions act as one of the most prominent medium of preparation because it is similar to the actual test that is to be taken by the students for continuing their college education.
  • The strategies and tips for taking the test become lucid and coherent after taking the pretests that are offered to the students. In short, the errors or mistakes can be rectified while taking repeated practice tests for exam preparation.


The pretest is an important part of preparation and can be taken through the online sources of prep or the places in which these tests are conducted in the city. In fact, there are numerous test prep agencies that offer lessons on different subjects initially and conduct the practice tests later. However, the content of the test materials and the sources of the pre tests must be thoroughly judged before considering such options.

When practicing questions, it is particularly beneficial for the Mathematics section besides the other subjects of the test. This is because taking more practice tests on this subject provides an impetus to the preparation level of the candidates. However, test takers must consider taking pretests on all the sections of the exam in order to move a step ahead towards a bright and successful career in the college.

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