Important Aspects of the COMPASS Placement Test

Why do Admission Authorities Trust COMPASS test?

COMPASS test is administered for those students who are keen to pursue their college education in their preferred fields or subjects. It is an assessment test in which the scores that are obtained by the students are used to determine their skills and abilities for studying those subjects that are tested. The COMPASS test is offered in the following subjects:

  • Reading Skills:
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

A Quick Glimpse of the COMPASS Test

The features of the test are summed up in the points that are mentioned below:

  • It is a computer based test and the scores are delivered immediately after the exam.
  • The concept of pass/fail does not exist. In fact, after obtaining the scores, the students must discuss them with the advisors and the counselors of the relevant institution for choosing appropriate courses.
  • The COMPASS is not bound by time limits. Therefore, the students can spend adequate time while answering each section of the test. However, a majority of students complete this test within 2-3 hours.
  • The students will also have an option of taking any of the sections of COMPASS on a testing date and return to complete the rest of the sections on another date. For availing this service, they must inform the relevant college authorities.
  • COMPASS retest is also offered for those students who are unable to achieve their desired targets. However, the rules for retest vary with each institution.
  • The questions are of multiple-choice type. The sample questions are available in the website of COMPASS.
  • The test also intends to help the students to access those resources for achieving success in this test.
  • The test is also offered in Windows version and those students who are taking this test online should get the benefits of the same.

Why COMPASS Test is considered reliable by Colleges?

This test is considered most reliable for assessing the skills of the students because of the reasons that are noted below:

  • The software used leads to accurate and fast measurements of the skills and abilities of students.
  • The COMPASS is a standardized exam for measuring the skills and abilities of the students.
  • The subjects that are tested cover those areas and the admission authorities should know the skills of the students in those subjects before admitting them.
  • The score reporting system allows the institution to measure the aptitude of the students in the most suitable manner.
  • Being a computer-adaptive test, the system of COMPASS is more effective as the software decides the type of questions that are to be offered to a student while he/she is taking the test. In short, there is no manual system of questioning involved.
  • The scoring system of COMPASS allows more accuracy and precision because the software performs the entire operation which leads to an unbiased assessment of the students taking this test.
  • The test also allows the institutions and their admission authorities to determine the college readiness of the test takers for choosing those students who are going to reach the pillars of success and also help those who need support for better preparations.


The COMPASS test serves an opportunity to the students for continuing their college education. However, the students must not overlook the methods of preparation that should be opted by them for achieving their desired targets as far as the scores are concerned. The community colleges use the scores for admission and placement and the opportunity is availed by millions of students for pursuing their favorite subjects.

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