Sources of Study Guides for COMPASS

From Where Can You Obtain COMPASS Placement Study Guides?

COMPASS is a college placement test. The difficulty level of the multiple-choice questions in this test adapts to the capability of the candidate.The ability and skills of the candidates that they have gained through their school years are tested here. Based on these scores, educators help the students identify the appropriate courses. Therefore, you have to do well in the test; else, you have to take up courses that will take up your time and money but will not be used for credits. For the Math COMPASS test, the students’ skills and knowledge in five areas of Mathematics are tested. These areas are:

  1. Pre-Algebra
  2. Algebra
  3. College Algebra
  4. Geometry
  5. Trigonometry

The Test Preparation

As said earlier, all the questions in this test pertain to what you have learnt in your school years. However, thorough preparation is essential. Many times, students fair badly in the test because they do not prepare well for the same. There is no single book from which you can prepare for the test completely. However, there are many good books that help you in the preparation. It is best that you choose a study guide and prepare well for the test.

Where to Buy the Books?

There are two places that are best suited for buying the study guides that you require. These are:

  • Online Stores: Many relevant books are available at online stores. You can search with “COMPASS math study guide” as keywords. A list of the available books will be displayed in the online store. You can then identify the book best suited for you and place an order. Most often, the book will reach you in a couple of days. Used books are also available at the online stores at lower costs.
  • Shops: You can also buy the books at shops near your home. The main advantage in buying books from a shop is that you can feel the book and check if it suits your needs. These shops have discount period also when you can get these books at lower prices.

Review of Good COMPASS books

  1. BobMiller's Math Prep for the COMPASS Exam

    The author of this study guide has taught Math to thousands of students for thirty years. His methodology has helped many students in the COMPASS test. This book covers all the areas of the Math section. The chapters are easy-to-follow and the examples given in the book help in building your math skills. There are two practice tests in this book that contain actual COMPASS questions. Detailed explanations are given for all the questions and this helps in identifying your strengths and weaknesses while helping you refresh your mathematics knowledge. Tips on how to study, strategies and ways to increase your confidence are also given. This book is priced at $12.15.

  2. College Placement Test Math Practice: 200 College Placement Test Math Practice Problems and Solutions

    This book, as the name suggests, contains 200 Math practice problems with step-by-step solutions. Many difficult problems are covered in this book and step-by-step solutions to all the problems are given. The break up of the number of questions in this book is:

    Arithmetic problems - 40
    Algebra problems - 60
    College level problems - 100

    Tips to take up the exam and solve problems are also provided in this book.

  3. -

    This book covers the important topics in Pre-algebra and Algebra portions of the Math test. This is a free study guide. Each lesson is followed by practice questions. Many practice tests are also available in this book.


A large number of study guides are available. You have to read the reviews or go through the book before you make the purchase. It is ideal that you select one or two books and prepare using them because too many books may create confusion in your minds.