Scores on the COMPASS Placement Test

Scoring System Used for COMPASS Scoring


The COMPASS test is an exam that is taken by students who wish to undertake a college level course. To determine whether the candidate will be able to succeed in the course or not, this test is taken by the student. The result will point out whether it will be a good idea for the test taker to pursue the course he has in mind. It will also help the college in a way that admission to unsuitable students can be denied by them so that it will not lead to a waste of college resources. This is a computer based exam. In other words, you will have to take the test on a computer. So it is essential for you to have basic knowledge of operating a computer. Before you take the test, it is important that you know about the test scores. It has been found that colleges and universities generally do not take scores that are over three years old. However, you will find that there is no expiry date for the score report. The scoring system of the COMPASS is a little different from other tests, as you will realize after reading the following content.

How is the COMPASS Test Scored?

The COMPASS exam is used for the purpose of determining whether a candidate is right for the course that he has chosen. It will assess the skills of the student and place him in the course that is the most suitable for him.

  • Separate scores for each section: There are three sections in the exam and each of these is scored separately. In the test report, there are three test scores for each of the sections on Reading, Writing and Math. You will find that composite score is not calculated unlike other tests.

  • Percentile score: The score that you will obtain in the test is a percentile score. This means that the score you will obtain will range from 1 to 100. The maximum score is 100 whereas the minimum score is 1.

  • No passing score: There is no passing score in the test. This means that irrespective of the score you obtain you cannot pass or fail in the test. The college may have a cut-off score for the course you are interested in and you need to make sure that you meet this score requirement if you want to get enrolled for your desired course.

  • Scores calculated by system: The scores are calculated by the system automatically. The questions are not corrected manually. You will be able to obtain the result as soon as you finish the test. You will not need to wait for a few days to obtain the result.

Importance of COMPASS Scores

The test scores are important because they will help in the following ways:

  • The scores are important because they will help in determining whether you are going to succeed when you pursue a course that you have in mind. If the result says that the course is not suitable for you, you can consider other courses that will be better for you. The result will mention the courses that you will be most suitable for you.

  • The test report will help you by preventing you from wasting your time in pursuing a course that will not be appropriate for you. This way, you can save your time by giving up on the wrong course and pursing the right course.

  • The result will help the college or university determine whether accepting a student in a particular course will be beneficial for the college or not. If you pursue the course even though it is not suitable for you, then this will result in the loss of college resources. So the colleges use the result of COMPASS to enroll students.

  • The scores will point out where your weaknesses lie. Once you find out about this, you can take necessary actions to work on them and improve yourself.