Study Guide for the COMPASS Math Test

7 Features of a Good COMPASS Math Test Study Guide

The COMPASS test is very popular among those students who are seeking admission in college and want to be placed in suitable courses. However, in order to take admission in their preferred courses, it is necessary to attain the required scores in the subjects that are tested in this examination. It is a computer-based test, which is similar to an assessment and considered as a prerequisite for obtaining a specific level of a course that is desired by a student. The following sections are included in COMPASS:

The Sections of COMPASS Test

  • Mathematics
  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language or ESL

COMPASS Mathematics

The section on Mathematics covers a large number of questions and is divided into two major categories, including:

  • Mathematics Diagnostic Test: The questions in this section include different areas of Algebra and Pre Algebra.

  • Mathematics Placement Test : This test intends to measure the following skills of test takers:

    1. Basic Skills
    2. Analysis Skills
    3. Application Skills

The questions of this test revolve around Pre Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry.

Seven Aspects of a Good Course on Mathematics

Traditionally, Mathematics is one of those subjects that lead to a nerve-wracking experience for a majority of test takers. However, with constant practice and consultation of a study guide, a test taker will be able to find solutions to the problems of mathematics more easily than others. On the other hand, a study guide should be chosen carefully. The following 7 features demonstrate the quality of a good study guide on Mathematics for COMPASS testing:

  • The score of Mathematics is significant in COMPASS as they allow the students to select the desired level of courses for college studies. Therefore, a study guide on Mathematics should be comprehensive and should include guidance about all the sections and questions of Mathematics.

  • By selecting an appropriate study guide, the students should not only get an opportunity to access good and useful materials and practice questions of this test, but should be able to master the strategies and tricks for tackling different sub-areas of Mathematics.

  • There is no alternative of good preparation in Math than constant practice. In fact, practicing and working on different types of questions on the major sub-areas of Mathematics is extremely important. Therefore, a good study guide should focus on practice tests after each chapter.

  • A study guide can be termed competent if the practice questions that are included intend to test the fundamental knowledge of students at first and then move on to more difficult levels. The inclusion of practice questions also allows the students to track their progress on this subject.

  • The study guide on Mathematics should also include all those questions that have been asked during the recent years rather than outdated, old content and tests.

  • The consultation of a study guide should instill confidence in those students who are gearing up for obtaining good scores in the Math section.

  • The students must always check the credibility of a study guide on mathematics and a good publisher will always focus on the best interest of the students or the test takers.

Study Guides on Mathematics for COMPASS

The students may find it difficult to choose a perfect study guide for Math prep. However, the study guides that are mentioned below should offer them with good contents and practice questions for scoring well in this section. Since COMPASS is a computer based test, the online courses should be of more use to the test takers:

  • The study guide from Kaplan College offered by includes videos, practice tests, different modes of self test along with the guidance of a personal teacher for the students.

  • The study guide offered by my COMPASS includes lessons that allow the students to hone their skills of Algebra and Pre Algebra along with practice tests for assessing the knowledge of the students.

  • The sample Math questions on Placement Test offered by and Diagnostic Test by are one of the most reliable sources for preparing for the Mathematics section of COMPASS.

The COMPASS test for Mathematics covers a broad range of questions for testing the skills and abilities of students before they enroll for suitable Math courses in college. Therefore, in order to qualify for the desired level of courses in this subject, the students must choose a reliable study guide for best results.