Scores on the COMPASS Math Test

COMPASS Math Scores for Getting into Top Universities

The COMPASS is a computer-adaptive, college placement test. The test is taken up by the incoming freshmen during the orientation program. Reading, Writing and Math are the subjects tested in this exam.

About the Math COMPASS Test

The Math test is a computer-adaptive test which means that the difficulty level of the test gets automatically adjusted to your capacity. In other words, the test begins with the algebra section and progressively moves on to more difficult sections like trigonometry and calculus, if you answer a set of questions correctly. However, if you answer the questions incorrectly, the questions become easier and your knowledge and skills in lower level Math are tested.

All the questions in this test are multiple-choice questions and pertain to the syllabus that you have studied in your high school years.

The first test of the several tests that you take is called the initial domain and the last test that you would take up is called the placement domain. The scores in the placement domain help the educators decide the courses that you can take up in college.

The Score Range

The most unique aspect of this test is that there is no "passing score" in it and the scorecard is released immediately after the test with the courses you can opt for also mentioned in it.

The test scores range from 0 to 100 with 0 being the lowest and 100 being the highest you can attain. Though there is no passing score in the test, you must attain a high score if you want to join a top college. You should also be aware that each college has a different cutoff score and only if you attain a score above the minimum would you be able to join that college.

For most colleges your scores should be above 70 in Algebra if you want to take up Math courses. However, if your test scores are lower than this, you would have to enroll for remedial classes.

Importance of the Math COMPASS Scores

Based on your scores alone, the educators determine your abilities and skills level. Hence, it is very important that you get a score in the top range to ensure that you could join a top college. Moreover, if your scores are low, you would have to take up remedial courses that would use up your time and money but will not add to your college credits or you may have to take up a COMPASS retest to attain the desired scores.

However, these remedial courses ensure that there is early intervention, which would help you do better in the course before your weakness poses a threat to you for finishing the course.

Another advantage of the COMPASS test is that the educators advise you on the resources available at the college that you could use to improve your academic knowledge and succeed in the courses you have opted for.

How to Attain the Desired Math Scores?

The only way to attain high test scores is to prepare hard for the test. Though the questions asked in the Math test pertain to what you have learnt in your high school years, a thorough revision of the concepts, formulae and theories is required. For this purpose, good study guides are available in the market that can be used for the test preparation. Moreover, free study guides and practice tests are also available online that can be used for your perusal.

It is suggested that a study schedule be prepared and followed strictly. This will ensure that all the topics would be covered and enough practice tests could be taken up without having to do last minute preparations.


The COMPASS is a simple test that helps you in identifying the university courses that would be ideal for your caliber. To get into a top university high scores are essential. To obtain these high scores, you have to study for the test sincerely and thoroughly.