Questions of the COMPASS Math Test

Sources of Sample COMPASS Math Questions

The COMPASS is a standardized test used for assessing the skills and abilities of those students who are keen to pursue their college education. The scores that are obtained by the students in this test are analyzed by the admission authorities in order to help the students in choosing the courses that they wish to study in college. However, this test is different from other modes of testing as the students are not required to follow the restrictions of time for taking this test. Thus, each COMPASS aspirant is able to concentrate on the test sections and the questions with sufficient time so that it is easier for them to record the correct responses.

The test does not declare passing scores; thus, the scores attained by the students are a measure of their aptitude and record their competence in the subjects that are included in COMPASS. The following subjects are included in the test:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

Overview of the Math Test

The Math test is one of the most comprehensive sections and requires the students to perform an array of mathematical tasks of varying degrees. There are three major skills on which the test questions are based. These three skills can be noted in the points mentioned below:

  • Basic Skills: The students have to perform the basic mathematical tasks in this test.
  • Application Skills: In this, the test takers have to apply the basic skills of mathematics for performing more complex mathematical tasks.
  • Analysis Skills: The test takers should demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts of principles and relationships in mathematical tasks.

The questions involve Numerical Skills/Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. The success of a student in the COMPASS test owes to the scores that are obtained in each section. As far as the Math test is concerned, the students must focus on sufficient preparation for choosing the correct answers. Moreover, prep materials also allow the students to sharpen their skills in this subject thereby enabling them to face the final test with confidence and conviction. The questions are of multiple-choice type.

The Sources of Sample Questions for the Math Test

The mode of preparation is significant for the students to be able to interpret the correct answers readily. As far as the test questions are concerned, taking practice tests is an excellent way of envisaging the questions that can be asked in the final examination. However, the test takers should not only judge the credibility of the sample questions before considering them for preparation, but also follow them regularly for achieving their target scores in COMPASS test.

The points below will mention a few samples and sources of Math test questions:


It is clear from the sources above that the students can access numerous resources for test questions in order to strengthen their preparation for taking the Math test of COMPASS. Hence, when it comes to the Math test, there cannot be a better alternative for the prep materials that count towards the success of a candidate.