Studying for the Math Test of COMPASS

5 Obstacles in COMPASS Math Test Prep

The COMPASS is a computer-based assessment that is taken by students to prove their skills and abilities in this exam; the scores of this test are to be utilized by the institutions in order to assist students in making a correct choice of subjects or a field of education according to their potential. Students are supposed to discuss the scores in association with their advisors or counselors for choosing the most appropriate subjects that are taught in those colleges in which they want to study. Additionally, the test also provides the correct resources to the students for achieving their desired targets.

What is COMPASS Math Test?

Mathematics is a comprehensive section of COMPASS test and the following points sum up the basic features of this test:

  • There are three major skill areas that are tested in COMPASS including Basic Skills, Analytical Skills and Analysis Skills

  • As far as the test preparation is concerned, the students need to work out on their strengths and weaknesses for choosing the correct mode of preparation.

  • The Basic Skills of mathematics refer to those skills that are required for performing basic mathematical tasks, the applications skills are those that involves the usage of basic skills for performing complex mathematical tasks. The Analysis Skills on the other hand, allow the students to demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts of the relationships and principles of mathematics. A good test preparation should cater to the requirement of the students

  • The topics of the Math test include Numerical Skills/ Pre Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry.

  • There is no concept of pass or fail in the test; neither does it impose the restrictions of duration on the test takers. Thus, the students will have all the freedom that they would require for taking the COMPASS exam. However, they should make the most of this convenience and put their best efforts for obtaining good scores.

  • For the multiple-choice questions that are asked in Mathematics, the students need to gear up with good resources for attaining success in this test. Although, the scores of this test are considered as predictors for measuring the skills and potential of the students, there are a few institutions that ask for a specific score in Math for gaining admissions in their entry level courses.

  • Those students who are unable to achieve the desired scores in mathematics will have the opportunity to study the developmental courses that are available in this subject.

Impediments in COMPASS Math Prep

Having laid down the features of the Math test, the students need to understand that they will require surpassing the obstacles that might hamper their preparation for this section. What are these obstacles and how are the students supposed to deal with them? Let us find out...

  • When it comes to the Math test, the candidates should have a clear knowledge of the topics that are to be attempted in this section. Unless a student follows the correct methods and strategies for taking the test, preparing for the test using faulty resources is a major mistake.

  • Insufficient knowledge of the test takers in the topics covered in the test is another impediment.

  • Improper discipline is another big obstacle that does not allow the candidates to focus on a meticulous approach for the test's preparation.

  • Since there is no concept of pass/fail in COMPASS test, there are many students who take it as a lenient aspect and end up with no target or aim for achieving the required scores in the math section.

  • External distractions can also result in failed targets even when effective sources of preparation are used.

A basic aspect of preparation for the test is to attempt the questions of this section and the students must choose appropriate study materials and resources for obtaining good scores in this section. While using books or online resources for the preparation, the students must consider the aspect of their reliability for taking this test.