Preparing for the Math Test of COMPASS

7 Tips for COMPASS Math Test Prep

The COMPASS is a standardized test of assessment which is administered as a computerized exam since it is driven by a software. The test allows the students to pursue their college education in the subjects that are suitable for them. In other words, the scores of this test are utilized by the colleges and institutions for assessing the capacity of an individual for continuing their college education in their preferred subjects. The following subjects are tested in the COMPASS exam:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

The Sections of the Math Test

Mathematics is one of the most comprehensive sections of the COMPASS test in which the skills of the students are tested. This section includes:

  • Basic Skills: In this section, the students are required to prove their skills for performing basic operations in Mathematics.
  • Application Skills: In this portion of the Math test of COMPASS, it is necessary for the students to apply the basic skills of the subject for finding solutions to complex problems.
  • Analysis Skills: Under this section, students have to prove their conceptual knowledge of the principles and relationships of Mathematical operations.

The areas of Mathematics that are tested include the following subjects:

  • Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra
  • Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

Why is Math Prep Essential for Taking COMPASS Test?

Test preparation is essential for obtaining good scores in this test even though no passing scores are declared by the authorities while delivering the score report to the test takers after the completion of the COMPASS test. In fact, the system of evaluation is different because the students will not have to face failure or success in the real sense.

However, in spite of no explicit evaluation system, students or the test takers have to work hard in order to achieve the desired scores in mathematics and a good study guide is one of the best references that is to be followed for understanding the nature of the questions that are expected to be asked in this test.

Tips for Math prep

Since a majority of students prepare for the COMPASS test, following certain basic tips will allow them to get to the top as far as the scores of this test are concerned. Let us throw some light on these tips:

  • The candidates taking the Math test must focus on the questions and the sections of the test in order to know more about the questions that would be asked in this section.
  • As the test will not show the passing scores, the score ranges of various colleges must be explored for enhancing the knowledge and gearing up the preparation for this test. Therefore, in order to continue college education in a specific institution, the students must obtain the required score in mathematics that is prescribed by those institutions.
  • The test takers should widen their scope and knowledge on various levels of algebra for better performance in this test.
  • The practice tests or the mock tests that are offered by various prep courses are very useful for the test prep.
  • The online courses are considered to be better options for preparation because it is a computer-based test. The online prep resources are undoubtedly good, although the credibility of the courses must be judged before considering them
  • Taking regular lessons on Mathematics along with practice exams is the most viable way of preparation.
  • The COMPASS aspirants must analyze and choose the prep courses according to their requirements.

Hence, when it comes to the Math test prep, there are a variety of ways in which a student is able to monitor his/her progress for performing with confidence on the final day of the test. In order to obtain good scores in mathematics and continue college studies in this subject, a sound preparation is essential for each test taker.

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