The Importance of the Math Exam of COMPASS

How Does COMPASS Math Help in Placement?

The Math section in the COMPASS exam is a computerized test that is taken by the students for choosing appropriate courses of Mathematics in college. It is a test of assessment that allows the students to evaluate their skills and track their knowledge in this subject and also provides an opportunity to them for choosing a career in their preferred field of education.

After appearing the Math test, the score report can be obtained by the students immediately and they can discuss them with the advisor or counselor of the college for choosing appropriate courses according to their level of knowledge and skills. However, this test is different from the traditional method of testing the skills of the students because there are no constraints of time applicable while answering the questions from this section.

The Sections of COMPASS Test of Mathematics

The Mathematics test is one of the most comprehensive sections of this test and the areas that are covered in this test are noted in the following points:

  • Basic Skills: This includes the ability of the students to perform the basic tasks of mathematics in perfect sequence.
  • Application Skills: The students are expected to apply the basic tasks for performing more complex tasks.
  • Analysis Skills: This area is related to the understanding of mathematical concepts and principles.

The topics included are:

  • Numerical Skills/Pre Algebra
  • Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

Besides this, the Diagnostic Test of Mathematics offer seven and eight tests in Algebra. While taking the test, students are allowed to use calculators that are devised by the exam authorities. However, online calculators can also be used by the students.

COMPASS Math Exam: Mastering the College Studies

In order to choose suitable courses in mathematics, students must focus on sufficient preparation and choose relevant materials and contents so that it is easier for them to obtain good scores in this section. It is to be noted that if a student has acquired low scores in this test, it must be discussed with the advisors and counselors of the related institution for getting placement in appropriate courses. However, low scores indicate that a student requires instructional support in mathematics.

On the other hand, higher scores suggest that a student has the ability to take up entry level courses of mathematics in college. The Placement test is extremely important for those students who are keen to take up courses in this subject while pursuing their college studies. In short, it is a test of assessment rather than an exam that simply disqualifies a student on the basis of scores.


Before taking the exam, a student must familiarize himself/herself with the norms of the test and also understand each section of the test in detail. This is important because it will help him/her to know how to prepare for this exam and to choose the right direction as far as the preparation for the test is concerned. Moreover, it will also help the students to make improvements for choosing higher or advanced level courses in college.

The Math test is a computer-adaptive test in which the level of questions keeps changing according to the responses of the students. For instance, if a student has answered a question correctly, the next question will be more difficult than the previous one. In this way, the skills of the test takers are easier to determine unlike in the manual tests. Moreover, the restrictions of time that are usually complied in other tests are not to be followed in this one and the students are allowed to take sufficient time while answering the questions from this section.