Detailed Information About Scores of COMPASS

What are Considered Competitive Scores in COMPASS


The examination is taken by students who wish to gain admission in college-level courses. This test will assess whether you have the skills required to gain admission in one of the programs offered by the college that you wish to join. If the score you have obtained is low, then the institution may deny you admission. This is the reason why you need to prepare for the examination in the best possible manner so that you will be able to obtain a score that is considered to be good by the college. An important thing you need to know about the test is that the scores will be given to you as soon as you finish your examination. This means that once you have completed all the questions, you can just walk to the proctor and he will hand over your result to you. Since it is a computerized test, the answers are automatically corrected by the computer and this is the reason why you are able to get the report instantly.


It is important for you to know that there is no passing score in this exam. No matter how high or low your score is, you can not pass or fail this test. On the other hand, in order to gain admission into the course that you have in mind you have to obtain the cut-off score that has been fixed by the college that you wish to gain admission for that course. An institution has various cut-off marks for the various programs that it offers. You can find out more about the cut-off scores by getting in touch with the counsellor of the college that you wish to join. An important thing you need to know about the result of this examination is that the report will be valid generally for a period of two years. Generally, colleges will not accept scores that are older than two years and in such a situation, you may be required to go for a retest.

Competitive Scores of the COMPASS Exam

You need to know that the scores that you will obtain in the three sections range from 1-100. The score is a percentile score and you need to ensure that you have obtained enough so that you can get admission in the college of your preference. Are you wondering what scores are considered to be competitive? Given below are the minimum score requirements of the three sections of this examination.

  • Reading Section: In this section, most of the colleges will generally stress that you have scored at least 78%. This is because of the fact that you may not be able to understand what is being taught in the class if you have a low score in the Reading section.

  • Maths Section: You will have to ensure that you are able to obtain at least 75% in the Maths section because this score is considered to be competitive enough. If you score lower than this, then you may be denied admission to the mathematics course that you are interested in pursing.

  • Writing Section: If you want to gain admission into a course that you wish to pursue, then you have to ensure that you score at least 70% in this section. This is because a score lower than this may not be favourable for you, especially if you wish to pursue a college level English course.

To Conclude...

To find out about the minimum scores required for the program that you wish to pursue, you need to speak to the counsellor of the college that you are planning to join. This way, you will be able to have a target score because the above mentioned competitive scores are meant for most colleges in general.