COMPASS Test for Clark College

Utility of COMPASS Test for Clark College Admission

COMPASS Test for Clark College

Are you planning to take admission in Clark College? If so, then you must have heard people saying that in order to secure admission here you will need to take the COMPASS test. This is the test that will assess whether or not you should be enrolled for a particular course in this institution. There are three test sections that you will find and these are:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Maths

Since this is a computerized exam, you will need to sit in front of the computer and take the test. On the other hand, if you do not know how to operate a computer system, then this can turn out to be a problem for you as no paper version of the examination is offered as of now. When you take the test, you can work on the questions and each of the sections at a pace that you feel comfortable at. This is because there is no restriction on the time taken by the students to take the exam. You can take as long as you want. However, most students can complete all the three sections within 2.5 hours. You will need to register for the test before you can take it. For this purpose, you need to get in touch with the student advisor or the counsellor of Clark College. This person will inform you about the exam and also about the dates on which you can take the same.

Uses of COMPASS for Admission in Clark College

Are you wondering what the uses of this test are for the purpose of admission in this institution? Given below are the uses of the COMPASS for enrolment to a course in this college:

  • Assessment for enrolment: It acts as a kind of assessment that will help the college find out whether or not a particular candidate should be given admission. If the score obtained by you is low, then the college may not enrol you for the course you have chosen because they may not want to waste the college resources by choosing a student who does not have the skills required to complete the course successfully. There will be a cut off score and if you are unable to get this score or more than this score, you may be denied admission.

  • Determine whether any prep course is necessary prior to the college level course: The result of the test will help the student determine whether any prep course is required. If you have obtained a low score, you can consider pursuing a prep course to improve your skills so that you will be able to succeed in the course that you have in mind.

More About COMPASS

  • The questions that you will encounter will be in the form of multiple choice questions. For each question, you will find that there are five answer options and out of these alternatives, you have to choose one that you believe is the correct answer.

  • There is no negative marking even if you answer the questions incorrectly. Just choose an option that you feel is the right answer. You will at least have 20% chance that the option you have selected is the right solution.

  • For the maths section, you can bring your own calculator but make sure that the one you bring complies with the rules set by the COMPASS examination. You will not be allowed to borrow it from another test taker. If you do not bring your own calculator, you can always use the online calculator.

  • The score report will be available to you instantly after you complete the test. Once you have finished the exam, you can get the result from the proctor.

  • If you were not able to obtain a good score in the first attempt, you can always consider retaking the test. You will be able to find out more details about this when you talk to the counsellor or the advisor of the college.