COMPASS for Columbia Basin College

How does Columbia Basin College use your COMPASS Scores?

The COMPASS test is meant for assessing the skills of those students who are keen to continue their college education in Columbia Basin College. In fact, the COMPASS test is the basic mode of admission and placement for this college. By taking this exam, the students are able to choose appropriate courses in English and Mathematics in this college. Although, there is no concept of pass/fail, the students must have effective preparations for achieving their desired targets in this test so that it is easier for them to choose those subjects that they want to study in the Columbia Basin College.

What are the Requirements of the Exam?

The following points sum up the pre-requisites of the test:

  • The COMPASS placement tests for Columbia Basin College are to be taken by those who want to study full-time or part-time courses in the subjects that are tested.

  • The students must submit an application for admissions before taking the assessment tests. In short, they must apply to this college prior to taking the test.

  • The test aspirants must take the responsibility of checking the dates of this test before appearing for the actual examination. This should be done at least two weeks before taking the test so that they are able to have sufficient time for preparation.

  • The scores of Mathematics are valid for one year whereas the scores of English Reading and Writing are valid for two years. Thus, the registration process must be completed within the time period until the validity of the scores remains intact.

  • The option of retest can also be considered, but only within the period of the validity of the scores of COMPASS. However, this option is to be considered when a test taker is not sure whether the scores obtained by him/her are enough for studying the relevant subjects in college or not.

The Calculation of Scores for the Exam

The scores of the test are also important because the students are allowed to study the subjects based on the scores that they have achieved in this exam. On the other hand, failing to achieve the desired scores will mean that a student has to work on the preparation that is recommended for the test in order to get through the rough waters.

  • The score requirements vary for the courses that are offered by this institution.

  • For enrolling in Math classes, a minimum score of 28 is required by all students.

  • Similarly, for English Reading section, the students must score between 82 and 100 for taking admission in college level courses.

  • For English Composition 1 and Writing in the Workplace, the test takers should be able to obtain a score between 78 and 100.

  • The test insists on the system of a scale of scores, for which different subjects are categorized and the students are allowed to choose those subjects that pertain to those scores. Thus, there are four to five scales as far as COMPASS test for Columbia Basin College is concerned.

  • The scales of scores that are devised by the admission authorities of CBC are not passing scores; rather they are used to determine whether a student is actually eligible or not for the courses that are offered by them.

  • This is an assessment exam that is required to be taken by the students for admission in this college. Therefore, the scores that are obtained by them also allow the admission authorities to know whether they will be able to create opportunities for the students for continuing their college education.


Studying the preferred subjects in the Columbia Basin University is based on the scores that are obtained by the students in the COMPASS exam. There are numerous courses in English and Mathematics offered in this institute that are to be chosen by the students and the COMPASS test serves the best opportunity for them for building a successful career while pursuing their college studies.