Study Book for COMPASS of ACT

Review of 3-4 Books of COMPASS

The challenges of college education require the students to take the assessment test called COMPASS that allows them to choose the courses that they want to study in the college. In short, the scores of this test are to be discussed with the advisor of the institutions facilitating them to decide an appropriate course for every student. The subjects in which the test is administered for the students are noted in the points below:

  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Essay Writing
  • English as a Second Language

A study book or guide is one of the most important aspects of COMPASS exam as the preparation level provides an impetus to the students and helps them assess their strengths and weaknesses on the subjects that are tested in the test. Moreover, it also allows them to track their progress before taking the final exam.

The Basics of Study Guides for COMPASS Test

A study guide offers advice to the students on the following premises:

  • Allows the students to have clear understanding of the test sections and the questions that can be expected in the test.

  • Offers advice to the students about the strategies that are to be followed for taking the test.

  • Allow the students to avail the benefits of the practice tests that are also offered along with the study guides.

  • With the help of a study guide, the students will be able to grasp the preparation for COMPASS and ensure that they are able to proceed on the right track.

Official Reference Materials for COMPASS Prep

The official study guide is considered the most authentic and suitable means of preparation as far as this placement test is concerned. The points mentioned below consist of the official reference materials:

Review of COMPASS Prep Books

Besides the official test prep resources that are available for COMPASS, the students must not forget to consult some books for preparation. The points below offer the reviews of a few books that are to be used for taking the COMPASS test successfully or obtain good scores in the same:

  • COMPASS Exam Practice Questions: This book, which is published by Mometrix Media LLC and prepared by Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, intends to help the COMPASS aspirants to prepare for this test through a variety of practice questions thereby enabling them to enhance their chances of success in this test.

  • COMPASS Exam Practice: This is another book that is prepared by gSuccess Team and consists of an all encompassing test prep material for this assessment test. The prep modules that are present in this book offer a complete view of the subjects that are tested in COMPASS along with practice questions that help the students achieve their desired targets in this test.

  • COMPASS Math Test Success: 150 COMPASS Math Problems and Solutions: This prep book by Academic Success Media covers all the subjects of the Placement Test of Mathematics and also offers the easiest way to crack the math problems along with their solutions.

Study Guides are available in the form of books and online resources in order to help the students prepare themselves in the most effective manner so that they are able to take the test with more confidence and attain success on the same.