Studying for Math Test in COMPASS of ACT

Top 5 Sources for COMPASS Math Test Prep

Everybody knows that the only way to ace the Math section of the COMPASS is to practice consistently until the exam. But practice that is not focussed and orderly can lead to lopsided development of abilities. This means that you might be able to ace certain questions, while completely fail to answer others. This is the reason why orderly and focussed study is required for the math test preparation.

The Importance of Good Sources in Preparation:

To ace the COMPASS test, it is required that you study all types of questions, and not leave any chapter of a subject as 'optional'. Focussed and relevant preparation for the test can go a long way in ensuring that you do not get dragged down in your level because of a few unfamiliar questions.

Good and systematic preparation is possible only if the source of study is appropriate.

Sources to consider:

  • Internet

The internet has innumerable sources of preparation for the COMPASS test. Even sources that are devoted to testing for the math section are considerable in number. It is therefore important to find the sources that are relevant for your study instead of simply picking up the first few results of a search engine. This is because with current developments in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, there are chances that a site has rigged its way to the top of the result pile.

  • Guides

There are quite a few guides available that are dedicated to Math preparation. But since most competitive exams are computer adaptive and have multiple choice questions, preparation can also be done from guides meant for other competitive examinations.

  • Reference books

Reference books should generally be considered when time permits detailed study. If not, use of reference guides is generally suggested if you want your COMPASS preparation to have a helpful impact on your college studies.

  • CD's/DVD's/Audio books

Sources such as CD's and DVD's are preferable on the basis of how interactive they are. If a DVD keeps blaring about the Math formulas, it is practically useless. However, some CD's are powerful enough to accommodate some practice tests that simulate the real COMPASS test. Such CD's can be very helpful in your preparation.

To help you further, here's a listing of the best sources available for thorough test preparation:

Top 5 Sources for Preparation:

Rank 1:

Bagging the first rank is the all time favourite book "Chart Your Success on the Compass Test". The book has been around since ages, making its way to almost every public library and educational institute. It is written by Carol Collahan, and was first published in 2005.

Rank 2:

On rank 2 are the paid coaching classes available in some colleges. These courses are focussed on familiarizing students with the nature of the COMPASS test, and if you are one of those people who have a fear of Math, you must join up as soon as possible. Nothing is better than coaching classes that provide ample practice every day, and the best thing about these classes is that you can save time by asking your doubts at the moment they arise.

Rank 3:

On rank 3 is the "COMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide" by COMPASS exam secrets test prep team. This book has gained fame recently because it is revised and latest, and therefore reflects the current test in its latest avatar.

Rank 4:

With recent developments in the mobile world, wouldn't it be nice to have an app to take the COMPASS exam on the go, while you travel or find free time? Such an app does exist on the Apple store! Because of its open embrace of technology, the "COMPASS Exam" app from the Apple store takes rank 4 in our list of top 5 sources.

Rank 5:

Ranked at number 5 is the internet. With all of the hundreds of study guides available online, here is a list of the select few which have made it to our list:

This link provides a comprehensive resource on all possible questions with video tutorials, and the best part is that they are all free.