Austin Community College and COMPASS

Admission/Placement in Austin Community College and COMPASS

What is COMPASS?

The COMPASS test is an examination that is taken by students who are interested in getting admission into the Austin Community College. The exam will assess whether you have the skills to succeed in the course that you intend to apply for, or not. With the result of this exam, the Austin Community College will decide whether they should give you admission into the college. One important thing you need to know about this examination is that there is no passing score. On the other hand, the college will have a cut-off mark for the programs that it is offering and for the one that you wish to pursue. If the score obtained by you is less than this score, then you may be denied admission.

There are three sections that you will be tested on and these are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths

There will be around 12 to 15 questions on each of the sections and these will be in the form of multiple choice questions. You will find five answer options for each of the questions from where you need to pick an answer that you think is the correct solution.

Admission in ACC & COMPASS

Those who are seeking to pursue a course in the Austin Community College will need to make sure that they try to obtain a score that is as high as possible. This is because a low score may not be able to help you secure a seat in the program that the college is offering.

  • Contacting the counsellor for information on COMPASS: You can find out more information about the exam by visiting the counsellor or advisor of the institution. He or she will give you all the information that you need to know about the test. You will also have to register for the exam with this person. The counsellor or advisor will give you the dates on which the test is being offered and you can choose a date that is convenient for you.

  • Score requirements: The score required for various courses offered by this institution will vary. However, it is best that you obtain a score above 75% in the three sections of the exam. This will ensure that you have a higher chance of getting enrolled for the program that you would like to pursue. Keep in mind that there is no composite score. The score of each of the three sections will be shown separately in the test score report. This means that you cannot score low in one section and make up for it by scoring high in other section(s).

  • Score report availability: The result will be given to you as soon as you complete the test. Since it is a computerized test, the questions will automatically be corrected by the system and the result can be printed as soon as you have finished the examination.

  • Retest: If the scores of the test sections that you have obtained are low, you can consider taking a retest. You will be able to find out more information about this by getting in touch with the college‚Äôs counsellor or advisor.

  • For students who have already enrolled for a course: For those students who have already enrolled for a course in ACC, they can take the exam as a part of their orientation program.

Keep in mind...

The COMPASS test is an untimed examination. This means you can take your time and work on the questions because there is no time limit. Generally, it takes about 15 minutes to 90 minutes for the test takers to complete each section. The time taken by you to complete the test will depend on how fast you are and also on your knowledge of the test contents. If you are prepared for the exam well, you will be able to finish the test faster but if you are not prepared properly, you may take a little more time to complete the examination.