Test Preparation Details for the CHSPE

5 Essentials of CHSPE Test Prep

The CHSPE, which stands for the California High School Proficiency test, is specifically administered for those students of California who are studying in tenth grade, but want to exit it earlier. There are two sections in this test: Math and Language Arts. In order to pass this test, you need to pass both the sections of the test. The total time available for doing so is three and a half hours. This article highlights five essential points you always need to remember regarding this exam and how you can prepare for it.

  1. The Importance of Time

    Time is very important in this test. You have a total of three and a half hours to complete the full test comprising the two sections of Math and Language Arts. However, you are free to divide the time between the sections in any way you like. Although it is not compulsory to pass both the sections in one administration, you should target to do the same. You have enough time to complete 100 questions i.e. 50 questions in each section such that even if you take 2 minutes to answer a question, you will be left with some extra time.

    Hence, from the time you start practicing, you must keep the issue of time in mind. When you have only few days left for the actual exam, you should start working on the practice tests by timing yourself. You need to allot different time periods for different types of questions. For instance, you may need more time for reading passages and less time for certain mathematical questions. It is recommended that such pacing should be practiced from the very beginning and not just on the day of the exam.

  2. The Target Score

    In order to pass the test, you need to score the minimum required score in each of the two sections. In order to pass the section of Math, you need to earn a scaled score of 350. For the Language Arts section, there are two sub-tests: Language sub-test and Reading sub-test. To pass the reading sub-test, you need a scaled score of 350.

    Hence, as soon as you begin your study preparation, you need to keep this score in mind. After every test, especially the last practice tests, you need to evaluate your final score. The higher you score in your practice tests, the higher are your chances for passing the section. As mentioned before, it is not very difficult to pass both the sections in one administration. Hence, you should practice getting more than 350 scaled score in both the test sections from the first day of your preparation itself.

  3. Constant and Regular Self-analysis

    Another important point you need to keep in mind is that there is no use of practicing if you are not testing or evaluating yourself. Take a practice test after a gap of few days and keep comparing all your score reports to the previous ones. In this way, you will be able to track your progress. You can check how much have you improved in a particular section and you will also be aware of the improvement you have achieved in terms of scaled scores.

  4. Practice Tests

    Practice tests are an important part of any test preparation. However, they are more important towards the end of your preparation when you have already gone through and practiced all concepts involved in both sections of the CHSPE. Whenever you take the practice tests, it is advisable that you take them under exam-like conditions and take exactly three and a half hours or less to complete the full test. You must also evaluate your score as soon as you complete the test and assess the questions where you went wrong.

  5. The Strategy in the Test

    You need to create a strategy for yourself and the time to start applying this strategy is from the beginning of your exam preparation. You may approach the Math section or first or the Language Arts section. Similarly, you may decide from the beginning how much time will you give to each question type or even each section. You may work on the 50 questions of Math in 90 minutes and then a take a five minute break before moving on towards the Language Arts section. However, in the end, it is you who has to decide how you would like to approach your preparations for this test.

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that each of these five points are equally important. They must be imbibed in practice from the first day you start studying for the test.