How to Choose a Study Guide for the CHSPE?

CHSPE Study Guide - How to Choose One

The CHSPE is a very important test for any tenth grade student of California if he wants to exit his school early. There are two main sections in this test: Mathematics and Language Arts. A student has to pass both the tests in order to procure a Certificate of Proficiency. This certificate is a valid proof that the concerned student has completed the tenth grade successfully. Apart from the certificate, a student also needs written approval of the principal or vice principal of his school and a verified permission from his or her parents or guardians.

Each student has his or her own weak and strong areas. Depending on these, he or she needs to devote some specific amount of time for the preparation. For the purpose of preparation, you can either purchase study guide or you can enroll yourself in a preparation course. This article gives you an extensive review of some of the best CHSPE study guides available in the market.

Reviews of CHSPE Study Guides

Most of the study guides reviewed below can be easily ordered online through You can go through the individual reviews and then select one based on your needs and requirements. Each of these guides has its own practice tests. Moreover, you also have an option of going through the book reviews that have been posted by students online while making the final choice.

(I) Barron's CHSPE: California High School Proficiency Exam

This book by Sharon Weiner, Michael Siemon and Lexy Green is available delete at The list price of the book is 16.99$. However, at this link, you can purchase the book at 11.66$.

This book offers a lot of extensive preparation materials. It also contains a self-assessment test that you can give before starting your preparation. Additionally, specific strategies have been explained and highlighted for each of the two sections: Math and Language. At the end of the study guide, there are two full-length practice tests that you can take at the end of your preparation. These tests are accompanied by the answers and detailed explanations. Ideally, you should go through the tests and then check your answers. Initially, it is better if you do not time yourself. However, in the later stages of preparation, you need to practice under actual timed conditions.

(II) CHSPE Secret Study Guide: CHSPE Test Review for the California High School Proficiency Exam

This guide is available by clicking on this link: The cost of the book, if purchased from this link, will be 39.99$.

This a comprehensive prep book that contains a lot of practice questions. This book contains 5 Secret Keys that can help you to improve your score. Additionally, there are a number of techniques defined for each section. By following all these strategies, you can surely target a higher score and procure the Certificate of Proficiency in the first attempt.

(III) CHSPE Strategy: Winning Multiple Choice Strategies for the California High School Proficiency Exam

This book is available for purchase at The cost of this study guide on this website is 14.24$.

There are fifteen powerful strategies, designed specifically for the multiple choice question. The answer keys provide detailed explanations for each of the questions. The book also elaborates some common mistakes that students make. Additionally, there are some steps given specially to tackle problems that are tricky.

In conclusion, it needs to be mentioned that you need to evaluate all study guides before you decide to purchase one. The factors that you need to consider before purchasing a prep book are:

  1. the amount of material provided,
  2. the amount of practice exercises given,
  3. and the number of practice tests made available.

However, merely buying a guide is not enough. You need to be disciplined and show perseverance in the method of your preparation. You should not put any breaks in between your preparation schedule; the preparation should go on interrupted and you should take ample full-length practice tests so as to ensure that you are aware of what to expect in the actual test.

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