Details for the Preparation of CHSPE

Steps Involved in CHSPE Preparation

The CHSPE test, conducted in the state of California, is a method by which tenth grade students can exit their schools early. For this purpose, they need the Certificate of Proficiency, which can be procured if both the sections of the test have been passed. The two sections are: Mathematics and Language Arts. The total time given for completing this test is three and a half hours. The student may divide this time between the two sections according to his or her own will. In this article, you will get valuable information on the different steps that are involved in preparing for this exam.

Step 1: Take a Diagnostic Test

This should be the first step of your study plan. This test should ideally be taken without any preparation. By doing so, you will be able to judge your current level of preparation. You will know how much you need to work and practice to reach your target score. The score of this test will also give you a fair idea of the time that you need to pass both the sections of the test. It is possible that you are exceptionally strong in one section and weak in the other. In any case, you will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses by taking a diagnostic test.

Step 2: Procure the Study Materials You Need

The second step depends on the first step. On the basis of your diagnostic scores, you can purchase the preparation materials that you will need. You may buy some comprehensive test prep books such as Barron's CHSPE or Crack the CHSPE. You may buy some books specifically for vocabulary if you think that your scores were very less for questions pertaining to vocabulary. Hence, you need to carefully analyze your result and see where you went wrong.

Step 3: Start Practicing the Content

After analyzing the test scores, you need to start your practice without wasting much time. You need to make a time table and start from the beginning so that no topic is left out at the end. Make a list of all topics that need to be covered in your preparation and then segregate them according to priority. However, remember that for the difficult topics, you will need a lot of time.

Step 4: Register Yourself for the Test

When you feel that you are ready for giving the test, you can register yourself at the official website For registering yourself, you need to provide proof of eligibility i.e. your age should not be less than 16 years and you should be enrolled in tenth grade for at least one academic year. After providing the proof, you need to make the payment in form of a check or a money order payable at Sacramento County Office of Education.

Step 5: Start Testing Yourself

When the exam date is approaching, you should focus only on taking full-length practice tests . Make sure that you are confident of your preparation and have no doubts regarding any topic. In such a case, you should expect to get a similar score in your actual test as you are getting in the full-length practice tests.

Hence, it can be concluded that each of these five steps are equally important to study for the CHSPE effectively and you must follow them. By doing so, you will not miss any important information such as registering yourself or taking practice tests. Also, your test prep will be perfect if you follow a well devised plan or strategy. You can practice using some of these study guides in order to learn and grasp some time-saving strategies. However, at the time of the exam, it is your attitude that is going to help you more. Therefore, you need stay relaxed and calm so that you do not get nervous or de-motivated.