Books to Study for CHSPE

How to Make the Best Use of a CHSPE Book

The CHSPE is an exit test conducted for students of California who wish to exit their tenth grade earlier than schedule. This test carries two sections: Mathematics and Language Arts. You are given a total time of three and a half hours to complete this test. However, the good thing is that you can divide the total time between the sections in any way you like. When you pass both these sections of the test, you receive a Certificate of Proficiency, issued by the state of California. This article reviews three most popular study guides for the CHSPE test. You can go through the extensive reviews and then buy the one that you prefer.

CHSPE Study Guides

(I) CHSPE Strategy: Winning Multiple Choice Strategies for the California High School Proficiency Exam (By Complete Test Preparation Team)

This book can be purchased online by visiting the link The list price of this book is 14.99$. However, at this website you can get it for 14.24$.

It contains over 100 practice questions. Additionally, there are strategies mentioned for each section and each question type. There are specific tips on how to understand the instructions for each question type. The contents of this book also contain a chapter directed specifically towards the mental preparation required just before the test.

(II) Barron's CHSPE: California High School Proficiency Exam (By Sharon Weiner, Michael Siemon and Lexy Green)

To purchase this book, you can visit the link The list price of the book is 16.99$. However, you can get it at this link for only 11.77$.

It starts with a self-assessment test which is designed to help you determine your current level of preparation. This test is followed by an extensive view of the different sections. A lot of helpful advice is given on how to excel in each section. Towards the end, the book contains two full-length tests that are followed by detailed answers and explanations.

(III) California High school proficiency Exam with CD ROM (By Stephen Hearne and Maria Suzanne Scafuri)

This guide is available at You can purchase it by following this link link  and paying 14.49$, although the list price is 19.95$.

It starts with a pre-test that is used to ascertain your level of preparation before starting the actual preparation. You can take this pre-test and based upon its results; you can then decide how much time you need to put in the preparation.
Thereafter, there is an extensive review given for each of the two sections. At the end, there are two full-length practice tests in it with their own answer keys and detailed answer explanations.

How to Make the Best Use of a Guide

Merely buying a guide on CHSPE is not enough. You need to take care of the following points too:

  • You need to follow the guidelines mentioned in the book because each book has its own set of strategies which will be beneficial only if you abide by the book.
  •  The tests need to be taken without any break and within the prescribed time-limit. This is the only way you can ensure that you are making the best use of the guide.

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that you need to prepare well in advance for the CHSPE if you intend to pass it in one go. However, before opting for any guides, you need to review each of your options. Each book for the preparation of this test is different in its contents and you need the book that will meet your needs. The two most important features you should look for in a CHSPE prep book are: thorough review of the sections and practice tests. Most of the books will be having two practice tests at the end, thus offering sufficient practice material.

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