Details About Taking the CBEST

6 Important Points for CBEST Registration

If you desire to work as an educator in California, then getting the CBEST certification is the first step towards that goal. Passing this test, designed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), is a prerequisite set by the law of California for all educators.

About the CBEST:

It has to be taken by candidates who wish to work as educators, counselors and administrative professions with schools or teaching institutes in the state of California. The aim of this test is to measure the candidate's overall competence level required to perform the responsibilities given to an educator for any public school.

The first step that you will have to take is to register for the CBEST, which can be done in several ways. The most common method is online registration.

6 Things to Remember During CBEST Registration:

  1. Creating an Account to Register: All candidates are required to create an account online with CTC prior to test registration. It should be known that this is a mandatory step and that you can create an account free of cost and through this account you can modify or change your registration, request for admission ticket and also can view your test history. You can go to in order to create your account and start your registration process. It is also possible for you to register through mail or telephone.

  2. Choosing the Format of the Test: In order to register for test, you have to specify the format of the CBEST that you would like to take. It should be known that this test is conducted in two modes i.e. the Paper Based Test (PBT) and the Computer Administered Test (CAT). Irrespective of which mode you choose, you have to pay the same registration fee for the exam. Still, it is important to select the version of the test that you are more comfortable with.

  3. Finalizing the Test Dates: While you register for the test, you will be given many dates from which you have to select a suitable date. It is suggested that you consider the amount of time you need for the preparation before you make your selection. 

  4. Selecting the Test Centre: Since you will be required to report early at the test centre, it is important for you to select a venue that will be convenient for you to travel to. It should be known that if you are late on the day of the test, you would not be allowed to take the exam.

  5. Changing your Registration: There is an option available that permits you to modify details of your test center and test date prior to the actual testing date. However, registration modifications have to be done within the time limits specified in the CTC guidelines.

    It should be known that modifications pertaining to thetest date or venue done through the internet has to be completed 24 hours prior to the testing day. However, in case you choose to communicate by fax or mail, your request for any such modifications must reach the main office two days prior to your actual test date.

  6. Admission Ticket: Even though the registration procedures are done, the entire process remains incomplete until you receive your Admission Ticket.
    You will receive the admission ticket for this test via e-mail only if you have registered online. However, if you choose to register for this test through alternative options, then you would receive the ticket by the U.S. mail. Moreover, in case you do not receive your admission ticket, you can always login to your CBEST account and request for a free copy.

It is suggested that you visit and be thorough with the CTC guideline before taking this exam. No matter how simple this process may seem, you have to be cautious while registering for this test.

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