Tips on How to Pass the CBEST

6 Tips to Pass the CBEST

To score high in the CBEST is great concern for many of the test takers. This is because the California Basic Educational Skills  has become an important base for evaluation of teaching skills of potential teachers and without this certification, many educational institutions of California are not willing to grant employment to job applicants. This is the reason obtaining high scores in the exam is of utmost importance. Every teaching aspirant of California should aim to achieve this goal. In order to pass the exam, you should obtain a passing score of 41 in each of the individual subtest and a total score of 123 in all the three sections.

The 6 Best Tips to Pass the CBEST with Good Scores

There are certain tips that you can follow to help you score high in this exam and given below are six of them:

  1. Attempt CBEST Only When You are Completely Prepared

    The examination can be taken many times a year and you should take it only when you are thoroughly prepared for the same. You can finalize the test date, from the choices available, only when you complete the preparation for this test. After you select the date, revise your concepts and practice the questions till your test date. You can also take diagnostic tests at regular intervals during your preparation to understand your academic strengths and weaknesses, and your progress with the test preparation.

  2. Subject-wise Preparation

    According to the information on the official website of the exam (, you can attempt as many sections of the CBEST in a single sitting for the examination as you wish. You can utilize this facility fully to increase your chances of scoring high in all the sections. Instead of attempting all subtests in one sitting, you can opt to take one section at a time so that you will have enough time to prepare for the sections. This will reduce the preparation pressure  and at the same time, it will allow you to focus on one subject thoroughly before attempting the other two tests. You can proceed from the easiest to the toughest sections of the test, so that you complete the easier section first and then devote more time to prepare for the subtest that you find difficult. As this test can be taken as many times as you want, appearing for a single section in one sitting is not going to have any negative impact. However, before you resort to this mode of taking the CBEST, you should discuss your intention with the test administrators to find out whether it will be a wise move for you. It is better to delay appearing for the subtests, rather than appear for it fast and perform badly in it.

  3. Take the Services of a CBEST Mentor

    It is possible for you to obtain high scores in the examination when you are under the guidance of a good coach or mentor. You have to take the help of your college professors, official test administrators or friends who have attempted this test to help you find a good coach. You can also try looking for the experts online. However, before paying for the services, you should verify their credentials properly.

  4. Undertake Self Study in a Methodical Manner

    If you want to pass this test in flying colors, then you have to take a methodical approach in your preparation and test-taking strategies. Set daily realistic goals for yourself and make sure that you achieve them successfully at the end of the day. Do online and offline research on the best strategies to tackle questions in the examination hall, adopt them, learn them and implement them.

  5. Carry Out Practice Tests Regularly

    Even though many people may be prepared for the test, they may fail to perform well in the examination in the last moment. This is because they experience new situations when they actually have to take the test, and even trivial factors, such as, sitting in a different posture than one is used to for the test can affect the performance. Hence, you should try to practice for the test in an environment that resembles the actual test environment, as much as possible. For example, time your practice tests, to a much lesser time duration than that is allowed in the examination. Working on the practice exams will certainly have a positive bearing on your scores.

  6. Do Not Ignore Examination Hall Norms and Requirements

    While registering for the CBEST, one of the first issues that one should take care of is to strive to satisfy all the requirements as stated on the "On the Test Day" page of the official website ( This page has hyperlinks to webpages that inform you about the things that you are allowed to carry inside the examination hall. You should read the norms and follow them strictly before you appear for this test.


To pass the CBEST is not easy and requires effort, which has to be put in a result-oriented manner. One should learn and implement these ways wisely in order to succeed.