The Best Ways of Cracking the CBEST

10 Tips for CBEST Study

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is a standardized aptitude test designed by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) as per the directions of the law and Employment
Board of California. This test was exclusively created for potential teachers in California. You will find that scoring high in this examination is not that difficult provided you know how to prepare for it effectively.

10 Helpful Tips for CBEST Preparation:

  1. Be Aware of the CTC Guidelines: Since the test has a concise test structure, it is important to prepare for the topics mentioned in the CTC guidelines. You can visit and get complete information about the CBEST syllabus.

  2. Identify Your Areas of Improvement: Cracking the test would be possible only if you are well-prepared. Hence, you would have to identify your weak subject areas before you start preparing. You can do this by simply taking a free practice test for the CBEST at and get your score.

  3. Manage your Time: Time management is a crucial factor. Once you are aware of the subject areas which need more time investment from you, you would be in a better position to manage your time accordingly. However, being good at few test topics does not mean you can ignore them completely; you would need time to practice those concepts as well.

  4. Create a Study Planner: Time management can be easily done if you create a strong study planner. Many candidates ask why this is important. It is important because a study planner keeps you focused and disciplined.

  5. Avail Quality Study Resources: There are well-researched study resources available in the markets which are designed specifically for this test. You need to avail good quality study resources for preparation. It is important that you consider the ratings and user reviews before you invest in any study material.

  6. Get in Touch with Study Groups: Even if you are a person who prefers studying alone, it would be beneficial to be in touch of CBEST study groups. You would be informed of study resources and moreover, you can share study material within the group rather than investing in it individually.

  7. Join a Good CBEST Class: For a test of huge magnitude, you cannot take chances of being unprepared. There are many classes designed to equip you with all the resources and it is suggested that you enroll for a CBEST class to enhance your test preparations.

  8. Learn Test Solving Strategies: Merely guessing the right answers is not the solution.You need to learn to execute the test solving strategies in order to ace this test. These  are mentioned in study guides, prep courses and classes.

  9. Map your Progress: It is important for you to find out how prepared you are before you take the actual exam. Moreover, your preparations are incomplete if you are not aware of the progress you have made. 

  10. Keep Practicing: Even if you have prepared yourself for the test, you should not stop practicing for it. Scoring high in the exam involves hard work and consistency and through consistent practice, you can avoid being complacent and become more confident while attempting the test.

 To ace the CBEST, you need to have proper time management, consistency and overwhelming amount of preparation.